Land of 1000 temples – Varanasi!

Apart from being a home to temples, this city has a story to be narrated along with each of its creation. So, if you are the one holding inquisitive interests, Varanasi is ready to drown you deep down with its rich culture and heritage. Continue reading “Land of 1000 temples – Varanasi!”

Places to haunt you till death sounds better!

Has monotonous routine and daily life’s chores sucked up the thrill of your life? Has the craving of adding definition to your regular life made you impatient? This is your perfect destination guys! If you are interested in revealing the unrevealed, opening the doors to the dark, hearing to some occult happenings, bringing the supernatural secrets to reality, come, take a peek through the doors of mysterious unexplored world to satisfy your adrenaline rush. Continue reading “Places to haunt you till death sounds better!”

Feel like in Heaven’s lap: Manali

The snow cladded serene peaks, the pacifying open green spaces, the captivating mountainous beauty do make sure that you forget the worries of life and give a serious thought to settle down in the heaven’s lap forever. Continue reading “Feel like in Heaven’s lap: Manali”


Planning a vacation to Nainital? This is all you need to know

Surrounded by lakes and blessed with natural beauty, Nainital is a perfect weekend getaway. Give yourselves a break from your daily routines and escape in the lush green valleys of the lake district of India. Nainital tourism has flourished with passing times, the new tourists keep flocking to explore the paradise, while the old ones keep turning back to relive their memories.
Continue reading “Planning a vacation to Nainital? This is all you need to know”