So you think you have been to Shimla? We bet not, if you have not visited these!

Seven astonishing places around Shimla (within the travel range of 50 kms) which are capable of making your trip worth and complete, so promise yourself not to give these a miss this time you visit! Continue reading “So you think you have been to Shimla? We bet not, if you have not visited these!”

SHIMLA: The abode to Nature’s Trivia

The place is an arresting getaway to drench you in the nature’s enchantment and amazement. Shimla is so generous in its offerings towards travelers who keep an appetite for spectacular surroundings and rich, diverse aura that every seeker’s craving end contented after coming here. Continue reading “SHIMLA: The abode to Nature’s Trivia”

Get drenched in Krishna’s devotion: Visit Mathura\Vrindavan

Yes, the mere mention of the place rings numerous bells inside the heart of a believer, seeker and worshipper. Mathura is the fortunate divine city to be blessed with lord Krishna’s incarnation place. Every street, every chowk of the city has some story associated to it. Usually every place has some story associated but the stories of Mathura vrindavan possess the power to gape open the mouths of every listener. There are temples where lord Krishna and Radha are still believed to visit every night. No, these stories are not meant to be discarded right away as the signs can be seen everyday. Continue reading “Get drenched in Krishna’s devotion: Visit Mathura\Vrindavan”

A Place where fun starts: JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK

If you are an animal lover, adore god’s beautiful creations , love open large green spaces, want to give your eyes an eyesome treat, keep your thinking nodes at peace, Jim Corbett is your place. The national park is named after wildlife conservationist, Jim Corbett and to protect the endangered Bengal tiger. One can easily locate here healthy biodiversity including some rare species of elephants, tigers, deer and birds. The place is a unique yet perfect destination for bird watchers too. The prancing movement of tigers is hearty enough to fill your heart with gaiety attitude. There are beautiful hotels and resorts situated at the centre, hence make sure you are getting every bit of it. Many adventure sports and activities are also aligned your way to provide with a complete feel of the forest environment and aura. Continue reading “A Place where fun starts: JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK”