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A whole human lifetime on, in and around water: We dare you to try!

“Water water everywhere not a drop to drink”, these lines from a famous poem sound pitiful but this is the actual life of a community of Bajau people, who live by the North western part of Malaysia. These people see the sunrises and sunsets, pass their days, months and years by living in the seas only.  Continue reading “A whole human lifetime on, in and around water: We dare you to try!”

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What type of traveler are you?

We classify all the travelers into 5 types. Checkout their short description and tell us in comments which type describes you best?

  1. The Planner – The guy whose travel plans are well executed after applying Bayes theorem, Permutations & Combinations and SWOT analysis on each aspect of transportation and sightseeing. He knows where he would stay, where he would eat and has 2 printout of all tickets. 1 to keep in his handbag and 1 for keeping in main luggage (in case the handbag is misplaced somewhere).
  2. Continue reading “What type of traveler are you?”

5 places that will make the sunrises and sunsets, your most beautiful sights!

So what is the first thought that comes to your mind when it comes to sunrises and sunsets? Is it still about the discipline lessons taught in school that sun always rises and sets on time, we should also follow the same blah blah rules and write “thank you” notes to sun and moon? Or is it about the maturity and sensibility levels now that sunsets are a matter of beautiful memories associated and soothing sights related? Or is it the longing for a lover for the single souls out there who have an unfulfilled dream of enjoying the pleasant sight in the arms of the beloved? Continue reading “5 places that will make the sunrises and sunsets, your most beautiful sights!”

Lansdowne: A love to fall in and with!

The thought of vacations/getaways bring hill stations to our mind and the thought of hill stations redirects our thoughtful scope to Manali, Musoorie, Shimla and Nainital. The popular ones and easily accessible ones! And whosoever has not visited these common places is immediately placed in the category of a newcomer in the field of travelling and tripping (Yes peeps, you do belong to some or the other category of travelers) Continue reading “Lansdowne: A love to fall in and with!”

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10 useful tips for female solo travelers!

Nervous? Anxious? Confused? How to stay safe while being on a solo trip? How to convince your parents?
Worry not, pretty ladies! A solo trip in India is not that difficult even, if you follow some useful tips. And as a matter of fact, lots of girls travel solo every year and end up absolutely fine! So why should you kill your desire and dream over a fear of something unknown? Continue reading “10 useful tips for female solo travelers!”