A maiden’s unfulfilled travel dreams!

I am a girl. I am raised like a princess getting everything at my disposal whenever I demanded of.  My parents had nurtured me with all the morals for all these long years and protected me from every trouble that came my way. I have got a lovely and amazing set of friends who continue to add to the happy moments of my life. I am fond of travelling since childhood. Continue reading “A maiden’s unfulfilled travel dreams!”

When I realized that Manali is much more than what people just see to it!

Sometimes I think that college trips were invented in the first place only, to be special and to gift the memories of a lifetime. The month of April 2014 was finally finalized as a “Shubh muhurat” to execute our plan of college trip to Manali which was the most awaited one as it took 3 long years to turn from dreams to reality. Continue reading “When I realized that Manali is much more than what people just see to it!”

Letusgoto Rishikesh

The Rishikesh saga – A Love beyond death!

There is madness inside me and so I act like a maniac most of the times. This madness is consuming me from inside and of lately helped me realize my love for travelling. Even the thought of travelling gets me high these days. People plan before going to a new place, but I take my backpack & just board the bus. This time I didn’t had much time, so I thought not to go far. And I boarded the bus. Continue reading “The Rishikesh saga – A Love beyond death!”

7 things you will regret not doing in Auli!

People often say that first love cant be forgotten, the visitors of Auli have somewhat same saying about it. Auli can easily settle itself for being the first love of dreams and imaginations for any of its explorer. The place also immediately forms the sight of a skiing destination in everyone’s mind. Its so beautiful and picturesque that putting it into words is more than difficult. Auli is fully loaded with all the natural delicacies to content the serenity seeking human mind. Continue reading “7 things you will regret not doing in Auli!”

10 fascinating sign boards that will make your Leh Ladakh journey more awesome!

Black leather jackets, safety gears and just-serviced bikes, that’s most of all what you need for the most awaited trip of your life to turn true. For all the buds out there, we know how much importance the Leh Ladakh journey holds to complete the journey of your bachelorhood and put a full stop to your biking and adventurous rush. As tempting the route, the place and the biking part is, there’s one more eye-treat that you might be unaware of, till now.So go on, every captivating sign board on the way is awaiting you and don’t forget (I know, you will not) to click the amazing DP’s to make the world envious! Continue reading “10 fascinating sign boards that will make your Leh Ladakh journey more awesome!”