The Ultimate travel checklist to use before you start packing

The Ultimate Checklist to Use Before You Travel

Here is a complete travel checklist to use before you start packing for your next trip. The list take cares of all your needs like money, travel documents, clothes, toiletries, food, camera and gadgets. Each of these essentials fits into your carry bag and will make any trip much easier. Continue reading “The Ultimate Checklist to Use Before You Travel”

travel hacks

Top travel hacks to travel like a pro!

Traveling is an interesting yet unique concept to everyone: Might be an escape for you and a passion for me. But the travel hacks are same for all of us. Traveling involves lots of steps from planning to execution, give these travel hacks a chance to make your vacations a lot more easier and convenient. Continue reading “Top travel hacks to travel like a pro!”

Traveling cashless in India

Top Tips For Traveling Cashless in India

Excited about your travel plans this season but the Demonetization storm giving you hiccups ?
Dude, no need to make your winter plans sweat out because we got you covered. Use these tips for traveling cashless in India with confidence.

1. Prefer buying a complete package beforehand instead of booking just the hotels or transport.While booking, ensure that you include breakfast and dinner also in the package. Continue reading “Top Tips For Traveling Cashless in India”

Be the winter fashion diva this year!

I am a girl and I am a shopaholic! No stereotypes, please. Girls and shopping share a similar bond like milk and cornflakes, incomplete without each other. We just need as many useless excuses to spend our hard earned money  on looking better and better every day and its time to nail the winter fashion this time. Continue reading “Be the winter fashion diva this year!”

Prevent motion sickness

6 tips to prevent travel sickness/nausea!

Even remembering the feeling of topsy-turvy-curvy drives to hill stations put us in the ‘chakravyuh’ (English jargon: Labyrinth) of never ending motion sickness cycle. To hell with the excitement of reaching the destination.. It feels like the world coming to end on the next turn. Still we have always kept on waiting for the next vacation plan, the perfect example of our courage and bravery! (All the disease-struck people, only you can relate this with) Continue reading “6 tips to prevent travel sickness/nausea!”