City Palace, Udaipur

My Udaipur and Mt. Abu travelogue

With its environment soaked in Mewar’s history and surroundings drenched in the breathtaking Aravali Ranges, Udaipur is a glimmering spot on Rajasthan’s map. The city is known for its beautiful lakes and is also known as the “City of Lakes” or the “Venice of the East”. In August, all the lakes restore water from monsoon and there are no scorching sun rays to give you tans, hence making it a perfect long weekend getaway.
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plan Dubai vacation on a low budget

How to plan Dubai vacation on a low budget?

Dubai, undoubtedly, is an all-time intriguing image on our minds comprised of an Arabic city of Sheikhs, jeep safari experiences of sand-dunes and high soaring skyscrapers. It does not even fail on the parameters of hosting the most interesting and engaging list of activities to be chased for. Apart from being the largest and most populous city in UAE, Dubai is also fast growing as a popular tourist destination, owing its popularity to the innovative and futuristic projects and attractions. The city is famous for its iconic masterpieces and Burj Khalifa which is the world’s tallest building. Attractions in Dubai are addictive and packed with fun and entertainment. And that’s why you need to plan an economical budget vacation to Dubai next to extract the most out of your vacation time.
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Scuba diving

Tips on Getting a Good Diving Instructor for your Next Scuba Diving

Some people go on trips without much preparation, and sometimes end up with a mere make-do attitude. If you are planning for a great vacation the next time, and intend to have a go at scuba diving the better way, follow these tips to get bigger bang for your buck.
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Top Tips to keep yourself warm in Cold Temperatures

Top tips to stay warm in cold!

Hill Stations! Along with the excitement it brings to us,  somewhere in the back of our mind it also brings the fear of extreme cold temperatures. Sometimes, bringing loads of winter clothes ain’t just enough. Here are some tips which gonna make your next trip to hill stations warmer and sweeter & help to stay warm in cold. Continue reading “Top tips to stay warm in cold!”

The Ultimate travel checklist to use before you start packing

Trek Checklist – Top things to carry for a trekking trip!

Everyone does trekking for different reasons. Some to test their limit, some for adventure, some of get fit and some to tick off an item from their bucket-list. I do treks to motivate myself. Every time I chose a trek, I spend a significant amount of time in thinking what to pack and what no. Despite having packed for trekking countless times, packing is still a back-breaking task for me. Continue reading “Trek Checklist – Top things to carry for a trekking trip!”