5 places that will make the sunrises and sunsets, your most beautiful sights!

So what is the first thought that comes to your mind when it comes to sunrises and sunsets? Is it still about the discipline lessons taught in school that sun always rises and sets on time, we should also follow the same blah blah rules and write “thank you” notes to sun and moon? Or is it about the maturity and sensibility levels now that sunsets are a matter of beautiful memories associated and soothing sights related? Or is it the longing for a lover for the single souls out there who have an unfulfilled dream of enjoying the pleasant sight in the arms of the beloved? Continue reading “5 places that will make the sunrises and sunsets, your most beautiful sights!”

Lansdowne: A love to fall in and with!

The thought of vacations/getaways bring hill stations to our mind and the thought of hill stations redirects our thoughtful scope to Manali, Musoorie, Shimla and Nainital. The popular ones and easily accessible ones! And whosoever has not visited these common places is immediately placed in the category of a newcomer in the field of travelling and tripping (Yes peeps, you do belong to some or the other category of travelers) Continue reading “Lansdowne: A love to fall in and with!”

Letusgoto Rishikesh

The Rishikesh saga – A Love beyond death!

There is madness inside me and so I act like a maniac most of the times. This madness is consuming me from inside and of lately helped me realize my love for travelling. Even the thought of travelling gets me high these days. People plan before going to a new place, but I take my backpack & just board the bus. This time I didn’t had much time, so I thought not to go far. And I boarded the bus. Continue reading “The Rishikesh saga – A Love beyond death!”

7 things you will regret not doing in Auli!

People often say that first love cant be forgotten, the visitors of Auli have somewhat same saying about it. Auli can easily settle itself for being the first love of dreams and imaginations for any of its explorer. The place also immediately forms the sight of a skiing destination in everyone’s mind. Its so beautiful and picturesque that putting it into words is more than difficult. Auli is fully loaded with all the natural delicacies to content the serenity seeking human mind. Continue reading “7 things you will regret not doing in Auli!”

7 lifetime experiences and one destination: Chandrashila trek

Chandrashila, the literal meaning associated to it is “Moon rock” and how dazzling a moon rock can be, none other than its viewer can tell. Trekking in Himalayas, stunning 360 degree view of Kedarnath range, lush green forests lying through the way, the magical snow covered mountains enclosing the aura and the heavenly feeling all through, nothing can beat this trekking trivia. Go on through below, you might be needing some more astonishing facts before you pack your bags. Continue reading “7 lifetime experiences and one destination: Chandrashila trek”