New Year and Resolutions: Do something different this time!

The relation between “New year” and “It’s resolutions” is just like the honeymoon phase of a newly married couple.. where everything is full of craze and passion and it goes buttery smooth for the initial period but later on, fades away like the morning dew.. eventually but visibly! Continue reading “New Year and Resolutions: Do something different this time!”

5 places that will make the sunrises and sunsets, your most beautiful sights!

So what is the first thought that comes to your mind when it comes to sunrises and sunsets? Is it still about the discipline lessons taught in school that sun always rises and sets on time, we should also follow the same blah blah rules and write “thank you” notes to sun and moon? Or is it about the maturity and sensibility levels now that sunsets are a matter of beautiful memories associated and soothing sights related? Or is it the longing for a lover for the single souls out there who have an unfulfilled dream of enjoying the pleasant sight in the arms of the beloved? Continue reading “5 places that will make the sunrises and sunsets, your most beautiful sights!”

Lansdowne: A love to fall in and with!

The thought of vacations/getaways bring hill stations to our mind and the thought of hill stations redirects our thoughtful scope to Manali, Musoorie, Shimla and Nainital. The popular ones and easily accessible ones! And whosoever has not visited these common places is immediately placed in the category of a newcomer in the field of travelling and tripping (Yes peeps, you do belong to some or the other category of travelers) Continue reading “Lansdowne: A love to fall in and with!”

A maiden’s unfulfilled travel dreams!

I am a girl. I am raised like a princess getting everything at my disposal whenever I demanded of.  My parents had nurtured me with all the morals for all these long years and protected me from every trouble that came my way. I have got a lovely and amazing set of friends who continue to add to the happy moments of my life. I am fond of travelling since childhood. Continue reading “A maiden’s unfulfilled travel dreams!”