Top 5 travel related TED talks to give you wanderlust

Top 5 TED talks to give you wanderlust

TED Talks are the most inspiring and compelling talks on the internet when it comes to motivating people on anything. TED talks always leaves a spark in the mind of listener and we thought of using them to motivate you to travel. TED is known for inviting the best and brightest to come and “give the greatest talk of their lives” in 18 minutes. We are sure that these 5 travel related TED talks will give you wanderlust. Continue reading “Top 5 TED talks to give you wanderlust”

Moving to mountains - living a life of travel

Live a life of travel because your home belongs there in nature!

I spent my childhood changing co-ordinates. I was a big time fan of National Geographic channel. Specially those where they would show mountains, rivers and valleys. For me it was very fascinating, awe-inspiring, and it left a big impact on me. It introduced me to a beautiful world, a world close to nature. It killed my desire to live in metro cities and intrigued me to move to the mountains. It made me an introvert and I started enjoying my solitude. There is a power in being able to find contentment in solitude. Continue reading “Live a life of travel because your home belongs there in nature!”

Finding a reason to visit Munsiyari? We bring you many!

The unexplored mania of spectacular and extended Himalayan ranges, the immense span of rich and diverse adventurous treks and the spice of an interesting and memorable vacations: Get hypnotized in the magnetic valleys of Munsiyari! The destination is wedged between the borders of Nepal, Tibet and India. Continue reading “Finding a reason to visit Munsiyari? We bring you many!”


How I explored Mcleodganj solo on foot in 4 days!

Mcleodganj (Upper Dharamsala), 6 km from Dharamsala (also known as Lower Dharamsala), is in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. I came here as I was told that it was a good place to do meditation in the mountains and also because I wanted to tick mark the Triund trek from my to-do list. The flying prayer flags on every corner, mountain tops surrounded by white clouds, the saffron-clad monks with Prayer beads and spinning prayer wheels justified my hopes. I felt like I was in some other dimension. Continue reading “How I explored Mcleodganj solo on foot in 4 days!”

snowfall at munsiyari

The road less traveled – Munsiyari

Everytime a vacation thought crosses our mind, the biggest dilemma comes across.. which place to chose? And after a hell lot of calculations which includes the optimum duration of the stay, the economical budget, the perfect weather conditions, the safety factors and the total time of the journey, we finally are left with a handful of the places. This does not end here, amongst those places also, some have already been visited! Continue reading “The road less traveled – Munsiyari”