Places to visit in London

Top 5 places to visit in London

The UK’s capital city is a bustling place, a central hub for business and finance and a popular destination for tourists. Being one of the most visited cities in the world, London has more than enough to offer. There is a long list of places to visit in London. From history to sight-seeing, renowned shopping to an incredible nightlife and gastronomy scene, London is drenched in culture and antiquity. With so much to do and see, it is the perfect destination for a city break. Here is a list of some interesting things to do in London for a day you won’t forget.
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2018 – The year of vacations with 16 long weekends!

New year knocked with a bang of positivity! Lots of memories safely boxed and millions about to be created this year. Resolution tradition followed like every last time and also lays broken by now as always. Half of our lives have been spent taking leaps, accommodating changes and fighting for survivals. This year deserves to be dedicated to our own selves! Knowing more about what our life’s purpose has been. How excited are you to make this year count?

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natural gas crater turkmenistan

A natural gas field which turned to “The door to hell”

Natural gas field in Derweze Turkmenistan door to hell

The “Door to hell” or “Gates of hell” is a real life encounter to what we often term as the result of our bad “karmas”. The red hot burning cavern (also known as Darvaza gas crater) laced with big orange flames is a gateway to another world after death. Pacify your inquisitive nerves as we take you down the lane of boiling mud through the center of earth.
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Weekend places aroundPune

Top 5 places where you can spend your weekends in Pune

No matter where you are, how hectic it was or how your week had been.. When it comes to weekends, everyone awaits the much needed dose of tranquility and rejuvenation. And luckily if you are living in Pune, there is no dearth of travel beauties nearby which naturally stay veiled down in the romance of floating clouds and drizzling rains to reveal the raw fresh fragrance of greens when married with.
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christmas-celebrations 2017

Have you planned Christmas 2017 yet?

And this year’s Christmas eve has brought lots more merriment by falling on Monday. Yes yes, now you can totally realize the truth of your fulfilled long weekend dreams and the most awaited beautiful escape from Monday blues in front of your heart-shaped magical eyes.
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