snowfall at munsiyari

The road less traveled – Munsiyari

Everytime a vacation thought crosses our mind, the biggest dilemma comes across.. which place to chose? And after a hell lot of calculations which includes the optimum duration of the stay, the economical budget, the perfect weather conditions, the safety factors and the total time of the journey, we finally are left with a handful of the places. This does not end here, amongst those places also, some have already been visited! Continue reading “The road less traveled – Munsiyari”

Inspiring travel tale to become a travel blogger

A travelers tale to inspire you to follow your heart!

Watching a movie is one of my ‘Friday traditions’.. yes, this is what i call it and strictly abide by (and not like waking up early and gymming rules which remains as plans only) Well, here the story starts.. One such Friday night, I completed this beautiful movie, ‘We bought a zoo‘. In one of the scene Matt Damon tells his son – Continue reading “A travelers tale to inspire you to follow your heart!”

Be the winter fashion diva this year!

I am a girl and I am a shopaholic! No stereotypes, please. Girls and shopping share a similar bond like milk and cornflakes, incomplete without each other. We just need as many useless excuses to spend our hard earned money  on looking better and better every day and its time to nail the winter fashion this time. Continue reading “Be the winter fashion diva this year!”


Top 5 cafes in Mcleodganj you cannot afford to miss!

You don’t need a reason to visit Mcleodganj twice. Once you have been here, the place itself will call you again. There is something in the air of Mcleodganj that calls me everytime and I go. Solo. This isolation, is unique and in some ways, complete. Unlike last time where I spent most of my time among the Monks, this time I spent most of my time sitting in different cafes. Cafes of Mcleodganj are entirely different than those urban cafes. No hustle and quite like the mountains. Some of these cafes are so good, coming here for a moment makes you think, this is what we live for. Continue reading “Top 5 cafes in Mcleodganj you cannot afford to miss!”

blue waves or bioluminescence in juhu mumbai india letusgoto

Remember the Blue Sparkling Ocean in ‘Life of Pie’ or ‘Avatar’!It’s Happening in India!

Remember the neon blue glowing ocean in the movie ‘Life of Pi’ or ‘Avatar’? Yes, it does happen for real! And it is happening in our very own Aamchi Mumbai(India) at the famous Juhu Beach. Continue reading “Remember the Blue Sparkling Ocean in ‘Life of Pie’ or ‘Avatar’!It’s Happening in India!”