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Before 2016 ends, check if you have visited these marvels!

So where have you been this year to be able to have a eye-to-eye conversation with your self-conscience when it asks you how great you did as a holidaymaker? Thinking over how it get wasted? Put your upsetting hormones to rest and find out how to make the most of the last months of 2016. Continue reading “Before 2016 ends, check if you have visited these marvels!”

Favorite holiday destinations of Cricketers in India

Incredible India, as we rightly define our country, is a picture perfect destination for people living in and out of it. Whether it be a snow cladded mountain destination or be a land of temples at every few paces or be a royal palace stay at a historical place or be a serene sea beach facing the cold breeze, every place offers lots of love to fall in love , lots of memories to memorize and lots of experiences to be experienced. Supporting our views are the famous Indian cricketers, who even though get less vacation time but love to explore every bit of it! Continue reading “Favorite holiday destinations of Cricketers in India”

Feel the air of love and romance in these breathtaking getaways!

Love is eternal, love is beautiful and love has every reason to kick up one’s heels. Are you on cloud nine as love has knocked on your heart’s door recently? Or are you in the seventh heaven as you are sharing your life with your beloved? No matter how much you have fallen in love, you surely are rising in the world of bliss! Every day you spend with your sweetheart is a reason to celebrate and make it worth. So this time take your better half to a romantic destination to make love and to make lifetime memories, which keeps your love alive till the eternity! Continue reading “Feel the air of love and romance in these breathtaking getaways!”

Mini Switzerland of India: Khajjiar

Khajjiar is a hill station located approximately 24 kms from Dalhousie. The place is surrounded with immense greenery, varied flora and fauna. The topographical climate resembles to that of Switzerland, and hence the nickname. Khajjiar is a large ground where your eyes promise you a soothing and pacifying warmth till the end of sight. In the middle, there is a lake surrounded with wooden huts. Various activities have been arranged so as to make the trip worth. One can easily spot snow white rabbits to click photographs with, do zorbing if you are an adventure sport lover (Recreation sport of rolling downside inside a big ball made of transparent plastic). Continue reading “Mini Switzerland of India: Khajjiar”