Types of Traveler letusgoto

What type of traveler are you?

We classify all the travelers into 5 types. Checkout their short description and tell us in comments which type describes you best?

  1. The Planner – The guy whose travel plans are well executed after applying Bayes theorem, Permutations & Combinations and SWOT analysis on each aspect of transportation and sightseeing. He knows where he would stay, where he would eat and has 2 printout of all tickets. 1 to keep in his handbag and 1 for keeping in main luggage (in case the handbag is misplaced somewhere).
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7  reasons why every girl should go for “mesmerazzi” trip once in her life!

All you pretty ladies out there, feel privileged to be one! Keep aside all the societal trivia’s for a moment and lets count all the amazing things we can do and leave the guys being envious. We get to shop for literally everything in the world, we get people by our side to open and close the doors of the car, we are socially entitled for the title of emotional ones, we are the most important safety mudda at our homes and workplaces, we are the princesses of our fathers and queens of our husband’s hearts, we are the sweetest sisters who go miles for the happiness of brothers, we are even treated as goddesses occasionally.. Continue reading “7  reasons why every girl should go for “mesmerazzi” trip once in her life!”

When I realized that Manali is much more than what people just see to it!

Sometimes I think that college trips were invented in the first place only, to be special and to gift the memories of a lifetime. The month of April 2014 was finally finalized as a “Shubh muhurat” to execute our plan of college trip to Manali which was the most awaited one as it took 3 long years to turn from dreams to reality. Continue reading “When I realized that Manali is much more than what people just see to it!”

7 Reasons you should invest in Valley of Flowers

The most awaited season for globetrotters is around the corner as the places which have limited access throughout the year and are opened for the common public only for a few months, are now approachable. One such beauty is Valley of Flowers, offering the most amazing and lovable views which become alive in the traveller’s imagination only. If you still need more reasons to travel there, there is no dearth of any, lets read through:  Continue reading “7 Reasons you should invest in Valley of Flowers”