Dhundi beas kund trek

Beas Kund trek: A journey of my answers

And as the journey continues, the addiction grows. My destination this time was the Dhundi Beas kund trek. A trekking venture which starts from Manali and is the birthplace of river Beas.  I can hardly withstand my curiosity when it comes to trodding the topsy turvy paths of high standing tough mountains and the gushing sounds of a river struggling to find its path across the heavy stones in its way.  And when you know that you are going to experience the day dreams you daily think about, life turns to more of a much desired gift. Continue reading “Beas Kund trek: A journey of my answers”

Itinerary for Hampta pass trek

The ultimate guide on Hampta pass trek

Trekking is like an addiction. And only the ones having such a positive addiction, can make best out of their lives. Hampta Pass trek is one such name to it. The trek offers picturesque views and ever changing landscapes along the way. Adding to it, the camping locations also are amazingly placed. If it is to be said that every turn is an awaiting surprise over the trek, there would be nothing wrong. Owing to all the convenient and pleasing features, this trek rather serves itself as on icing over your favorite flavored cake. Read through on how to nail the itinerary for Hampta pass trek. Continue reading “The ultimate guide on Hampta pass trek”


Hampta pass trek: Must-knows before you hit the destination!

No matter if it is your first trek or one out of the many, Hampta pass trek is the one which will exceed your expectations on each front you can imagine of. It is one of the rarest treks with almost all the favorable and lovable conditions.

Every turn brings in sight the new landscapes and stunning views. Consider your each wish granted whether it is to view lush green varied span of grasslands or to give your mind a breathtakingly beautiful  dose of scenic beauty of the whole city from the top or rather it be a once-to-be-experienced in a lifetime desert oasis, Hampta pass trek is all what you are looking for, traveler! Continue reading “Hampta pass trek: Must-knows before you hit the destination!”

Kasol: A venture land ready to offer whatever you are seeking

I have always wondered why Kasol is not as famous as other hill stations are. After all, it’s a home to snow clad mountains, possesses the beautiful landscapes, a pleasant weather to die for and is undoubtedly, a picturesque hill station to spend vacations at. And as we are told always, the answers are only given to those who seek them through their actions, I got mine during a recent trip to Kasol. Continue reading “Kasol: A venture land ready to offer whatever you are seeking”

museums in delhi

List of all the Museums in Delhi: From art lovers to the bizarre ones!

Museums are not always boring and a store for conventional masterpieces, as we always think about them. When in Delhi, our opinion continues to be debated as there goes a quite long list of interesting museums. Possibly, there is at least one place catering to your specific interests, a warehouse possessing a list of all your favorite collectibles. Continue reading “List of all the Museums in Delhi: From art lovers to the bizarre ones!”