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About Us

The road I took
Absolutely glad, I did

Yes, I feared
Like anyone else would
A matter of some steps
And it surrendered itself

Yes, I was apprehensive
Like you would be
I gathered the courage
And it loved me deeply

The difference it made
The happiness it played
The satisfaction it served
The meaning it explained

Its inexplicable
I wish I could explain
So you could feel the same
But then it is the dare for you
To take the road, I took
And I am glad, I did…

-Isha Chopra

And that is the story of our life. It all started with a road-trip in 2015 to Nainital and since then we have been travelling and collecting travel stories. Engineers by profession and traveller by heart, we write about everything related to travel, be it our own travel story, someone else’s story or some mouth gaping facts about places. We hope to knock off all the adventures from our bucket-list and share each and every travel story with you. We wish to inspire you to live a life you love and settle for nothing less than extraordinary.

Let your memory be your travel bag.

You can contact us at  care@letusgoto.com or connect with us on twitter or facebook. We hope our stories and photographs will inspire the traveler inside you.

Isha & Kunal