Safety tips for every backpacker

Traveling and safety should always go in hand. Some people hold on to the assumption that the world is a dangerous place, therefore, shun away from traveling. This is a wrong notion since the benefits of traveling outweigh the risks involved. You will not find the world unsafe if you take the necessary precautions to boost security while on the move. Here are a few safety tips to guide you.

Remain alert

Though the beauty of nature can distract you for a minute as you travel, you should always stay alert. Do not let the excitement that comes with new things distract you from your belongings. If you are eating in a hotel, ensure that you countercheck that you don’t leave anything behind after your meals. Know how long you will be away from your hostel and take a friend with you if it takes some time. Beware of pickpockets and carry belongings securely to avoid losing anything.


Learn about the area

Before you start making your traveling preparations, it is important to find out how safe the destination is. Book the hotel reservations beforehand so that you don’t get stranded after landing. The less time you spend on the street, the safer it can be. Stay away from places that do not seem safe. It is always good to sometimes listen to your gut. If you feel like someone is watching you, leave the scene or change your direction.


Be careful with how you carry money

It is not wise to carry all the cash you have in one place. You should not even bring too much money for your trip. Try to use credit cards more than cash and only carry one card at a time. Store your money in different areas such as pockets and only leave very little in your wallet. Store the cards that you may not need in the hostel locker so that you don’t lose everything if someone tries to rob you.

Ensure that you don’t become a target to someone. Do not show off valuable items as well as cash. Many people assume that travelers have a lot of money and they may take advantage of the situation. Leave expensive items such as watches and rings at home. You should also not flash money so that you don’t put yourself in danger. You can even buy a cheap phone and bring along old clothes so that you don’t stand out among the locals.

Have back-up

Stay open to the possibility of being robbed and have a plan to act as back-up. For instance, you can get travel insurance that can cover your belongings against theft. This way, you are assured of compensation if a robbery occurs. If you are taking medicines, split them into different sections of your luggage to have supply if you lose some. Beware of emergency numbers that you can use in a foreign country if you need assistance.


Secure travel documents

Scanning important documents such as your passport and the kenya e-visa. You should also maintain copies of your credit and debit cards and store the copies safely in different areas. This can help you if you misplace or lose any important document since you can always take a copy of the document to your embassy or bank. You can also use a money belt to secure important items beneath your clothes so that you don’t fall prey of pickpockets

Get familiar with the local language

A local language does not only enrich your travel experience, but it can also save you during problems. If you are staying in the foreign land for a while, you should get familiar with the language. You can know how to communicate if a robbery happens and get help from the local authorities. You may also get sick from traveling and understanding the language can help you get the help you need. Take a language course online for free and learn more before traveling to a different country.

Withdraw money from a bank

Unfortunately, skimming has become common in different places. People can easily manipulate ATMs and obtain your card information without your knowledge. Withdrawing from a bank is much safer since the bank can block your card immediately in case of any breach. Avoid using ATMs that are mostly situated in shopping malls crowded with people. The card that you use should also come with a safety mechanism.  Some cards come with a contact number at the back which you can call if you get robbed to block it.


 Get information regarding scams

Understanding the different ways in which people con others could also keep you safe when traveling. Some scam techniques are popular around the world, and you should be familiar with them. One of the most popular scams is someone taking a photo of your card details from an ATM as you try to withdraw cash. Always check your surroundings to note if anyone is observing your activities keenly.

Travel light

Traveling with less luggage is safer than bringing a lot of belongings. You may only need a small bag and documents so that you can easily keep track of them while on the move. Light travelers attract minimal attention compared to people who move with a lot of belongings. You can always secure some of the things that you may not need in a hostel locker when you are moving around the city.

Drink Responsibly

Parties in a foreign land can be quite exciting, but they can also be unsafe. Excessive drinking can make someone take advantage of the situation. If you have to party, bring a friend along who can take you home and also take care of you and your belongings. You should also watch out for malicious people in the bar. Take care of your drink so that someone may not try to add drugs to it without your knowledge. Book a taxi before you plan to go clubbing to enhance your safety.


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