Top 7 places to visit Ireland

Top 7 places to visit Ireland

Ireland – the place of rich culture and heritage has become one of the most popular spots of a number of tourists in the recent times. Thanks to the beautiful landscapes, majestic architecture, intriguing markets as well as serene greenery – the place has been garnering a lot of attention from the tourists all over the world. Ireland is also known to be the land of saints and scholars. Country’s Dublin has been designated a UNESCO City of Literature.

Ireland is certainly one of the best places for a vacation/holiday. Following are the top seven places to visit during your trip to Ireland:

  1. The Cliffs of Moher:

Words fall short to describe this magnificent piece of natural beauty. These cliffs serve as one of the most popular tourist attractions. The awe-inspiring springs makes the center of attraction of the Cliffs of Moher. These cliffs are located about one and a half hours by car from Galway and hence are easy to reach. These cliffs stretch for 8 kilometers and fetch a wonderful sight to your eyes.

  1. Killarney National Park and Muckross House and Gardens:

The national park and Muckross House and Gardens are situated in the Kerry region and they must be on the very top of your must-see list during your Irish vacation. Both of these stand close to the shores of the popular Muckross Lake and serve as a spectacular sight to all the tourists around the world. The vintage vibes of the 19th century around the region adds cherry on the cake. There are traditional farms located at the very adjacent and the entire place is filled with a number of amazing attractions. Don’t forget to visit the beautiful Ross Castle while you are roaming around the area.

  1. KilmainhamGaol, Dublin:

This place has been featured a number of rebel songs because of its notorious and dark nature, however it serves as one of the best visit places if you are keen on knowing about the troubled past of the country. It is the same place where the leaders of the Uprising of 1916 were brought after they were convicted of High Treason and executed. After everything that had been happened at this place, it became an irrevocable symbol of persecution and oppression and a visit here would certainly open your eyes about the sufferings of the leaders for the country.

  1. The Ring of Kerry:

This is the most scenic and beautiful route of Ireland and it would fill your eyes and heart with awe. The beautiful Ring of Kerry is a must visit place during your travel to Ireland. This place gives you a beautiful sight of the feast of stunning islands to visit, some beautiful views of Atlantic Ocean, wild sweeping mountains as well as a number of attractive villages. Not only this, you can also enjoy a beautiful sight of outdoor pursuits that include pristine beaches and indulge in some of the most amazing adventure sports like water sports, walking, horse-riding, cycling and many others.

  1. Powerscourt House and Gardens, Co. Wicklow:

The engaging history, super views, pristine lakeside walks as well as the gorgeous backdrop fo the Sugarloaf Mountain describe this place the best. Powerscout House and Gardens are situated at a distance of 20 kilometers from Dublin and the same are now owned by the Slazenger Family. This house is set on 47 manicured acres and is beautifully structured. You can engage in a number of activities while visiting this place. There are kitchen gardens having a huge variety of plants, trees and flowers. This place also include some beautiful craft and design shops as well as cafes to spend your evenings in. This place is one majestic attraction for sure.

  1. The Little Museum of Dublin:

All the art and history lovers will find the Little Museum of Dublin the best place in Ireland to visit. And why not? After all, this museum has a lot of things to offer to all the tourists. This museum includes some of the most beautiful attractions and items like a U2 exhibition with mementos, the lectern used by John F. Kennedy and many others. This nicely built museum of Dublin knows how to celebrate the quirkiness as well as humor of the city at the best.

  1. The Rock of Cashel:

The Rock of Cashel is the most visited heritage site of Ireland which has also starred in a number of images of the Emerald Isle. This place is situated on a limestone rock formation in the Golden Vale and contains the Romanesque Chapel and the High Cross. Other important attractions of this place include a 12th century round tower, a castle built in 15th century as well as a 13th century Gothic cathedral. Everything embraced by this beautiful place is worth all the hype.


Ireland is certainly full of some of the most wonderful attractions. It’s your time to pack your bags and set yourself off to a journey of beautiful architect, picturesque sights of nature and exquisite tourist attractions.



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