10 must have things to carry on hiking or trekking trips

10 must have things to carry on hiking or trekking trips

The idea of travel is not just restricted to sightseeing, dining in a good restaurant or shopping souvenirs of a particular place, but the same goes beyond it. The real fun of travel comes when you blend it with a number of adventure activities to have the time of your life. Hiking or trekking is one such adventure activity which keeps your adrenaline rush intact. Trekking to the high altitude and experiencing the wonders of the world gives you a different kind of energy for sure.

Trekking or hiking such high altitudes is not an easy idea and you need to carry some important things with you in order to ward off any kind of mishap. Following are the ten must have things to carry on hiking or trekking tips.

  1. Water bottle:

The first and the foremost thing that you must never forget to carry while you trek is enough water. High altitude trekking tends to make a person tired and thirsty and this is where the water bottle comes forth to serve a respite. Buy a sturdy water bottle which doesn’t leak or break and keep refilling it as you find out a natural source of water around.

  1. Munching items:

Water is must and just like water carrying some food while you are on a trek is a must as well. This is because when you start trekking, you tend to lose energy much faster than during any of your regular session. Thus, munching few things every now and then while you are on a trek maintains your level of energy, thereby keeping it balanced. Pack a trail mix, dry fruits, chocolates or energy bars.

  1. Backpack:

Third most important thing that you must carry during a trek is a light and well-organized backpack. Pick one which is very light in weight and comforting on the shoulders so that you don’t have to engage yourself much while you are trekking. Store all your important belongings there.

  1. Swiss Knife:

Another important thing that you must carry during your trek is a Swiss knife that serves as a multi-purpose toolset and can help you out during the time of emergencies. A Swiss knife is very handy and carrying it is a must.

  1. Torchlight:

High altitude trekking is not always about climbing up the mountains during the day time, but night as well. Carrying a torchlight or a flash light can help you find a way in the dark and you can also save yourself while dealing with the horrors of the trek. Carrying a torchlight is always safer.

  1. Hand sanitizer:

Trekking the high altitudes means coming in contact with various unwanted germs and spots either by the way of falling or climbing or checking any support. These germs and spots can be treated by the hand sanitizer which can keep your hands healthy, clean and ready throughout your trekking period. Any high altitude tourism always suggests to carry a sanitizer during a trek.

  1. Trek pants:

While you are climbing up the high mountains during your sessions of hiking, you would always want to make sure to remain in the most comfortable clothing so as to avoid any kind of discomfort or hassle. Thus, it is very important for you to carry a good pair of comfortable and breathable trek pants or trousers. These apparels must come with a quick dry capability to help you even in the worse situations.

  1. Sunscreen:

Trekking day and night would make your skin come in direct contact of the sun which could further make it dull, dark and tanned. Thus, make sure you include a good sunscreen with a fair SPF level during your trek. This sunscreen will protect you from all kinds of UV rays, thereby keeping your skin healthy.  You must carry a good lip balm with a fair level of SPF as well.

  1. Map:

One of the most important things that you must carry while you are trekking on the high altitude is the map of that particular place. A trek route or map can help you with locating the way easily and you can spot all the important locations related to sitting down or resting while you are on a trek. Gadgets are good, but having a map should be your priority.

  1. Medical Kit:

A first-aid kit or medical kit is another important thing that you must not forget to carry while you are trekking the high altitudes. Your basic kit of first aid must include the stuffs such as antiseptic lotions, creams for burns and bruises, band-aids, bandages and various other important medical essentials.

Carry all these important items before you start to trek the highest altitudes and make the most of this adventure of your life.


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