Top 6 Places You Need To Visit When You Travel To Gozo

Top 6 Places You Need To Visit When You Travel To Gozo

Traveling around Gozo is truly a remarkable experience. I remember the first time I went to Gozo with my family, we went to temples, beaches, and several villages. It was a memorable experience that every person should at least try once in their lives.

If you’re planning on visiting Gozo, I highly recommend you do so without hesitation. The entire island is very tourist-friendly. Plus, getting an authentic Gozo experience is very easy. You can stay in a local house, eat traditional Gozitan food, and so much more.

For our family vacation, we stayed at holiday homes Gozo farmhouse and we went on several trips around the island. And since we were only on vacation for a couple of days, we decided to check out the best of the top tourist spots in Gozo. Here are six places that I highly recommend you visit for yourself.


1.      Victoria

Victoria is this hilltop city that looks like something out of Game of Thrones. It’s known as the capital city of Gozo and is home of the main square It-Tokk. What’s interesting about Victoria is how it’s completely enclosed inside a citadel.

Filled with narrow alleys and a maze of intertwined streets, Victoria makes for a great day tour. Walking through its streets will have you feeling as if you were sent back in the time of kings and knights.

Overall, Victoria is an excellent location for seeing panoramic views of Gozo, shopping, eating authentic Gozitan dishes, and seeing the beautiful Saint George’s Basilica.

 Top 6 Places You Need To Visit When You Travel To Gozo

2. Ggantija Temples

Gozo is also home to a UNESCO heritage site, the Ggantija Temples. Whether you’re a history buff or not, you will surely appreciate the wonder that is the Ggantija Temple. This archaeological site was built during 3600 BC to 3200 BC, that’s way before the pyramids in Egypt were built.

You will find this spot just outside the small village of Ix-Xaghra. If you plan on visiting the Ggantija Temples, I suggest you follow up with a quick tour of the 19th-century church on Ix-Xaghra as well. You may also enjoy a quick rest at the outdoor cafes in the village square.


Top 6 Places You Need To Visit When You Travel To Gozo


3. Dwejra Bay

One of the best places I have visited in Gozo is Dwejra Bay. Even though I wasn’t fortunate enough to see the azure window, seeing its remains underwater still proves to be an exhilarating experience. Large pieces of rock form an interesting diving site that’s fun to explore. Another must-see diving site in Dwejra Bay is the Blue Hole. There you will find an inland sea pool that’s great for diving.

If you are into scuba diving, you must not miss out on the blue waters of Dwejra Bay. It is filled with colorful corals and vast wildlife including lobster, parrot fish, octopus, and lots of schools of fish.

Dwejra Bay is also close to Fungus rock. You can hire local boatmen to take you there from Dwejra Bay.

 Top 6 Places You Need To Visit When You Travel To Gozo

4. Marsalforn

Sunbathing in Marsalforn is a great way to cap off a couple days of exploring Gozo. I just loved relaxing in Marsalforn’s picturesque bay. Despite being a little fishing community, Marsalforn is quite a popular location in Gozo. Perhaps it’s because of its small pebble beach that’s ideal for lounging and playing with friends and family or maybe it’s because of the convenient stores near the beach.

All in all, Marsalforn is an ideal location to unwind and spend some time with family. The beach has clear and shallow waters that are great for both children and adults.

 Top 6 Places You Need To Visit When You Travel To Gozo

5. Ramla Bay

Yet another must-see beach in the island of Gozo is Ramla Bay. If you’ve done your research, you will read and hear how much people adore Ramla Bay’s beach. Well, I can attest to what most people are saying, Ramla Bay’s reddish sand is truly something that will leave you in awe. This is the type of beach for romantic sunsets.

I also love how this beach comes with public showers, bathrooms, and changing amenities. There are even lounge chair and umbrella rentals so you won’t have to bring much with you on your commute to the beach.

 Top 6 Places You Need To Visit When You Travel To Gozo

6. Nadur

Gozo is known for its historical villages. One village you should drop by is Nadur. Nadur is an iconic village in Gozo for it’s where the Knights of Malta watched over the islands of Malta and Gozo back then. At its highest part, you will find the Ta’ Kenuna Tower. From there you will find spectacular views of Malta, Gozo’s countryside, and the small island of Comino.


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