Planning a trip to Sariska?

Sariska is embellished in the hills of Aravali with dense and deciduous forest and is a perfect place for all the wildlife enthusiasts to step in the most enthralling location of Rajasthan. The place of Sariska is prevalently known for the Tiger reserve and also has royal pertinence as in the prehistoric day’s kings used to hunt in this place and now it has been transmuted to National Park. The national tiger reserve is the ethereal beauty which should be visited once in a lifetime where you can see the sumptuousness of Tigers habitat and you can find them always roaming serenely in that region.


The tiger reserve is known for sighting Bengal Tigers but apart from them the wildlife embraces species like the jungle cat, Indian leopard, striped hyena, Indian Jackal, nilgai, wild boar, four-horned antelope, etc., and Sariska even has tremendous of rhesus monkey which can be spotted everywhere.

Sariska is an epitome domicile for bird lovers as you can catch a glimpse of diverse and opulent birdlife such as white-throated kingfisher, Indian peafowl, bush quail, sand grouse, golden-backed woodpecker, Indian eagle owl etc. which can be found in profusion. This is also an ideal place for nature amateur and soon accessibility will be provided to the buffer zone in order to uphold ecotourism.


One should definitely circumvent monsoon period as it is neither expedient to travel nor you can revel in the view in any of the protected wildlife reserves because they kept are closed at this time. The Sariska tiger river is open for seven days in a week from 1st October till 30th June you can visit the place any time but it is sagacious to reach the destination early in the morning so that you can intensify the experience by taking Jungle Safari ride as this facility is very limited so availability can be a concern.

The other reserves and national sanctuaries don’t entertain during the wet season but you are benefited here as you can access the region during this period also. The Sariska National Park is closed from 1st July to 30th September but being the tourist attraction it is opened twice in a week on all Tuesday’s and Saturday’s so you can still plan during this stretch also.

Apart from wildlife reserve, this place is a hub of medieval temples of Garh-Rajor which have the relevance to 10th and 11th centuries. The tourist heading towards the pilgrims of Pandupol Hanuman temple which is prevalent and venerable religious location which is also accessible during this period and it is advisable to reach during the early hours as the crowd mount up of the pilgrims to the reserve later.


The foremost thing before you plan a trip is to book an accommodation which is by the same token indispensable as deciding the destination. You need a domicile to relax and recollect the energy in order to explore the place and there are plentiful hotels which will furnish you with contemporary infra and extravagant facilities.  And if you wish to augment the experience by self-driving till the destination then don’t forget to check out some good Myles coupons online which will surely foster you with money-spinning deals and offers.


You can apparently head to Sariska Tiger Reserve and enjoy a ride in Jungle Safari and apart from that you can opt for boating Siliserh Lake which is near to Sariska but the worthwhile idea to reconnoitre. This place is renowned for bird seeing and panoramic architectural view. If you have an audacious aspiration then you can also visit the widely held haunted place of Bhangarh Fort which is inside the Sariska tiger reserve.

You can also visit historical places, forts and pilgrimages to take full advantage of the trip and when you will actually reach out to the main destination you will forge ahead to discover more in the lapse of nature. Sariska has numerous spots which are tourists attraction all over the world and has the splendid view which is picture perfect.


Sariska is situated in Alwar which is a conspicuous site of Rajasthan which is rich in heritage and predominantly known for dynamic culture. There are numerous exuberant places to take in the list and apart from Hanuman Temple, one can also visit Astroport Sariska which is India’s first astronomy and space science research centre. At the same time, you can also visit Neelkanth temple in Rajgharh which is situated in the serenity of secluded hills of Sariska.


The way to this heavenly abode is quite streamlined with the improved connectivity to all the major locations and as it is situated in Alwar city which is near to the Jaipur. One can effortlessly commute to Sariska as it is the national sanctuary so the transportation facility is well equipped with the backing of the government. As Sariska don’t have an airport of its own so you can reach to Jaipur first and then you can easily board a bus or a train.

You can also choose the roadways to reach to the place which is again a laid-back way to reach Sariska as you have got a wide variety of options of sleeper bus, A/C, Semi Sleeper and many other private buses which can make your travelling experience more tranquil and comfy. One can even get down at Delhi airport and then pick the option of roadways to Sariska as the capital city is also near to Alwar.


This place has hoards of bearing of historical vestiges to explore and is an impeccable destination for wildlife enthusiasts as you will surely see some magnificent species in the Sariska Reserve. The only thing to be cautious about is to evade the monsoon to plan a trip to a reserve. There are various other reasons why one should holiday in this place as you can enjoy the chumminess with the unruffled nature.

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