7 Exciting Affordable Honeymoon Ideas

Romantic, unique, luxurious, beautiful… these are the descriptions that come to our mind whenever we think of honeymoons. We all want a honeymoon that will leave a mark on us and we can always look back with our spouse for years to come. However, most common honeymoon ideas that you can incorporate these descriptions too, don’t always come cheap.

But you don’t really need to spend half of your savings on a honeymoon. There are many affordable honeymoon ideas you can do that you probably didn’t think of. Here are our 7 suggestions for cheap honeymoon ideas you may want to consider.

Find the Right Destination

Going out of the country, usually in some beautiful parts of Europe or the Caribbean, is one of the most common type honeymoon trips for newlyweds. And this is only expensive if not done with research.  Many couples don’trealizethat getting out of town as a honeymoon can be affordable.

You can save money by choosing the right destination. First of all, you don’t have to go too far. Try to look for potential destinations that wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to buy tickets for. You can always go domestic – there are definitely closer destinations that are worth your considerations. But if you really want to go overseas, you may want to choose a low-season. Doing this will give you more possibilities to score cheap plane tickets and hotel accommodations.

You must also not worry whether or not the destination you choose is not very well-known. In fact, a hidden gem could be a better place to go than tourist-packed locations! Sometimes, discovering the unknown is the best place to go.

Be With Nature

Who says camping is not romantic? This activity is perfect for adventurous couples who keen to the idea of snuggling up together under the warm sleeping bag while staring at the stars at night.

It should not be hard to find a nearby location that offers fantastic scenery, which gives a great opportunity to you and your spouse to enjoy marvelous nature.

But if you really want to make it extra special, then you might want to try, “glamping,” which is a short-term for “glamorous camping.”

In this type of camping, however, you might need a help from a service from a company or a resort to set things up for you.

So, basically, this means being out in nature, but with the comfort of having a real, comfortable bed, electric temperature control, served food, bathroom, and other facilities offered by a hotel.

If you don’t like the idea of camping because you don’t want to deal with dirt, bugs, using nature as the bathroom, and setting up the fire to cook, glamping would be a great option.

Have a Big City Break

Honeymoon getaways don’t always need to be about going to faraway places. A lot of us never have achance to explore some gem you can find nearby, so perhaps you may want to consider booking a trip to one of the nice big cities close to home.

If checking out some art galleries and museums, trying out unique restaurants, or simplyexploring famous places you haven’t been to before, making memories with your new husband or wife, then this could be a perfect idea you might want to do for your honeymoon.

Find a decent hotel to stay for a couple of nights and treat it as your staycation. Staying at a nice hotel doesn’t have to be so expensive either. Airbnb and many third-party hotel booking websites can help you find the best deal possible without having to compromise comfort and luxury.

Try Home Swapping

If you’re looking for unique affordable honeymoon ideals, then home swapping is one we would suggest! If you don’t know yet, home exchanges – as its name suggests – let you swap homes with someone in another location for a certain period of time.

Doing this is free; all you need to pay for is your fare to get there and of course, what you are going to eat. Before doing so, however, make sure to sign up fora reputable home exchange company – make sure that they carefully screen their clients. After all,you would not want to have a stressful vacation.

Ski on Winter Wonderland

Wedding during the winter? Then maybe you would like skiing off the mountains for your post-nuptial getaway!

Skiing as newlyweds can be so much fun. Most ski resorts have Jacuzzis too, so, you can spend time together getting comfortable. On top of that,you can enjoy a remarkablemountainous scenery, adrenaline-filled slopes, as well asother exciting winter activities.

Get on a Cruise

Gone are the days when cruising was only done by the super-richindividuals.More and more cruise lines are coming out and they are offering affordable packages perfect for honeymooners.

It might not the cheapest idea, but if you come to think of it,it is all-inclusive – food, accommodation, and entertainment come with it, so, you can really save a lot.

Go on a Road Trip

If hopping on a plane for your ideal honeymoon destination is too expensive, packing up your car would be analternative.Going on a trip by car is more affordable, more fun, and equally romantic compared to flying.You can even also make a stop at many different destinations.

However, you have to keep in mind that the secret to an amazing road trip honeymoon is going to a place that is relaxing, unique, or special in any way. So consider what you like the most — historic places, shopping, restaurants, museums, etc.

Hopefully, theseuseful tips foraffordable honeymoon ideas have provided you withsome ideas you want to consider. You must keep in mind thata honeymoon is all about spending amazing time together as a couple, and it does not alwaysneed to beextravagant.

Affordable honeymoon ideas are anywhere you find them. With proper trip planning and good consideration, you will be able to plan a fun trip that will leave a mark in your mind for the rest of your life as a couple.

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