Bathu ki ladi

Bathu ki ladi – The immersed temple in Himachal Pradesh

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This mystery struck path in Himachal Pradesh unveils the flabbergasting sight of a string of Bathu temples (where Bathu is the name of the stone) which stays submerged for 8 months of the year. Popularly known as “Bathu ki Ladi”, this cluster of temples become visible only in the months of March-June when the water level of Maharana Pratap reservoir dips down considerably.

Built over the Pong dam lake, the well-skilled temple construction using the Bathu stone makes it a strong structure which never stops enticing its visitors even after staying immersed for the maximum part of the year.

Historical significance of temples:

The locals believe in various historical stories about the temple but there are 2 famous ones:

  • Some believe that the temple was constructed by a local king
  • Bathu ki Ladi is also said to be constructed by the Pandavas in the Mahabharata era. It is also believed that they tried to build the “staircase to heaven” from here only

The cluster consists of 6 temples out of which 5 are dedicated to Lord Vishnu and the main one in the center is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple contains idols of Sheshnag and Lord Hanuman too.

What more?

If you love getting lost in the serenity of soothing nature and its pure elements, this place will leave no stones unturned in becoming your ultimate favorite.

  • Pong Dam wetland in Kangra Valley is the largest habitat of migratory birds in Himachal Pradesh. Far away from the cruel polluted air of the city, you can enjoy birdwatching in peace (with over 200 bird species)
  • The canvas you want to paint is right in front of your eyes. With greenlands over one side and calm waters over the other, you will get addicted to the tranquillity of the location.
  • The island surrounding the temple, “Rensar” is a paradise where you can sit in peace, watch the serene sunset, listen to the silence, feel the soothing breeze over your face, connect with yourself and feel the melody of life.
  • And if you are a selfie lover, click as many as you can! Your friends are definitely gonna get jealous with those exotic backdrops.


Best time to visit

May – June

How to reach:

Bathu ki ladi is located near the small hamlet Jawali in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. To reach to the temple gates, you need to take a boat ride (As interesting as it may sound!)

Nearest airport – Gaggal airport, Dharamshala

By Road: Public transport is available till Kangra. The distance from Kangra to Jawali is 70km. To reach Jawali, you need to hire a taxi.

The temple is also 3 kms away from a nearby village named Dhameta

Where to stay

You can book your stay at the Govt forest resorts in Rensar (It’s not that easily accessible though). However, you can always get great hotel deals in Dharamshala (a drive of 1.5 hrs from there)

Don’t believe the story yet? Pay a visit and share your story with us!

Even if you have believed it, Pay a visit to treat yourself with this magical escape!

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