Valentines day

Singles’ Swag! Committed Brag! All Valentine Virals to hack!

Every Valentine’s day it’s the same story of ‘Singles’ taking a dig over love-struck couples and couples feeling pity over the loneliness of ‘Singles’.

Does not matter, we are here to wish a Happy Valentine’s day to everyone, because no one will be spared this season.

For all the singles out there (No, we are not abusing you)


Ab tak na ho paya, to ab kese hoga bitwa?


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Hey there

I have a poem for you

Roses are red, violets are blue

Vodka costs less than dinner for two


Jo ladki tumhare “good morning” ka reply kar de, usey girlfriend nahi kehte


Sari ladkiyan committed

Sare ladke single

Me: BC! Ye commit kisse ho rhi hain


For all the committed couples out there (yes, there exists a world outside you two)


Seriously? I just cannot find the logic behind spending loads of money, bearing tantrums, fighting incessantly and to going through emotional lows.. just to brag about being in a relationship?


So, what is your ‘baby’ gifting you this year? Yeah, not another baby, I hope!


Couples be like:

“Hang up”

“No, you hang up first”

Me: Dude! I am gonna smash that phone on the floor!


Couples: Babu Shona Mona

Me: Chup bhi karo na 


Har mahine anniversary celebrate karne walo..

Janta maaf ni kregi

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