Top bollywood travel movies

Top 10 Bollywood travel movies

How many a times do we end up watching the same movies time and again? Yeah, obviously not because it was not understandable the very first time. But just to relive the imagination-to-reality influence it casts every time. To get drenched in the beauty of its exotic shoot locations. And almost every single time getting inspired to visit the paradise and creating indelible memories. This is the magic of some hard-to-forget top bollywood travel movies.

After all, entertainment is alluring and traveling is captivating! And a combination of both in the substantial amount is just the right volume of intoxication you need to feel the high. There are several bollywood travel movies which arouse that hibernated traveling desire from our inert bodies and bring that out in the open.

Have you watched these top bollywood travel movies?

1. Zindagi na milegi Dobara (2011)

IMDB 8.1

How often do you keep planning trips with your friends? Then start creating watsapp groups in the positive hope of their execution?

ZNMD Top bollywood travel movies

ZNMD is the perfect execution of a trip each one of us struggles to bring to reality. The mind-blowing movie direction brings us across heart touching friendship tales, an unforgettable road trip and some thrilling adventure. Also, some powerful visuals of emotional moments of introspection and fighting the inside demons. The movie strongly urges on overcoming our fears and getting onboard the excitement trail. An electrifying sea diving experience, the heart in mouth sky diving encounter, the near to death affair of bull run event and the ultimate fun of La Tomatina.

Life would never be the same again and nor would be Spain. What are you waiting for?

2. Queen (2013)

IMDB 8.3

And then one fine day, a women centric movie proudly entered the Bollywood arena. Titled aptly, “Queen” is the story of an introvert woman who decides to go alone for her honeymoon, after being ditched by her to-be. Her journey sees some sharp turns of behavioral transformation where the dependent and shy girl gains confidence and becomes self-sufficient while traveling bravely in the beautiful lanes of Paris and Amsterdam.

Queen Top bollywood travel movies

She meets various people, makes some wonderful friends, speaks her heart out publicly, tries her hands at relatively new experiences, wins many hearts and continues with no regrets.

Do you own that courage to earn yourself a sensational solo trip?

3. Ye Jawaani hai Deewani (2013)

IMDB 7.0

The reunion of a bunch of college friends and an escape to the tranquil snow-covered peaks! What else one could possibly demand of? The movie attracts every young heart’s temptation towards adventure, freedom, passion and some hard to handle love emotions. It captures Manali and its enormous landscapic beauty in the first half, and later displays the grandeur of Rajasthani royalty and it’s larger-than-life, wedding set-ups. And it totally blows our mind away!

Ye jawani hai deewani Top bollywood travel movies

Still glued to your screens? Call your besties and gift yourselves that much-needed break.

4. Tamasha (2015)

IMDB 7.2

Some movies are more talked for their locations rather than stories. Tamasha is one belonging to such category. Where critics kept on talked in extremes about the movie’s good and bad, the stupendous locations of Corsica just made us fall in love with it.  Along with phenomenol acting skills of both the lead actors (Ranbeer Kapoor and Deepika Padukone), the picture-perfect postcard backgrounds in the movie along with its addictive songs are the absolute ‘ga ga’ factor about the movie.

Tamasha Top bollywood travel movies

Its time explore an unexplored paradise. Corsica awaits you!

5. Dil Chahta hai (2001)

IMDB 8.2

Dil chahta hai should officially be credited for making Goa the famous vacationing destination. Three besties rolling out for a road trip and sinning together creating some lifetime memories is such a great idea for a movie. And it did extremely well too. Even the thought of a Goa vacation with BFF’s raise our excitement levels. Yes, the mere thoughts about it because in reality, the conversion-to-reality factor for a Goa trip turns out quite low. And there are no real reasons found so far as to why are we depriving ourselves from such a worthy trip?

dil chahta hai Top bollywood travel movies

This time do not only make plans, execute them. Go get going to Goa!

6. Highway (2014)

IMDB 7.6

Peeking over through the highest mountain peaks, standing alone amidst the wide span of deserts in front, running between the forests covered with greens around, trekking uphill with snow laden paths surrounding and looking over the calm sunsets in the evening, Highway depicts a spectacular journey which is not meant to end ever. The deep forests of unexplored Sangla valley and serene unspoilt Pahalgam leaves every viewer spellbounded.

Highway Top bollywood travel movies

Who knew kidnapping can be liberating! Get yourself trapped in the elegant valley views this season!

7. Jab we met (2007)

IMDB 8.0

Owing to Kareena’s easy going “bhaag chalte hain” attitude, Jab we met showed the audience that escaping is the perfect solution for life’s every problem. Its famous dialogues, passion to follow one’s own choices and theme of traveling spaces inspired people a lot. Flaunting Shimla, Manali and Bhatinda like some dream vacationing places, the movie became one of those which are loved to be watched time and again.

Jab we met Top bollywood travel movies

Yes, those walls made of snow in the song “ye ishq haaye” were totally real. Why don’t you pay a visit to know yourselves?

8. DDLJ (1995)

IMDB 8.2

We, the generation of 90’s, have grown up watching DDLJ to learn how to marry the college romances despite the denial of families. But keep apart that immortal love story for a moment, how can we forget about the Europe trip and its mesmerizing locations where the actual story started. And that romanticism of mustard fields in Punjab, that exists!

DDLJ Top bollywood travel movies

Europe is no less charming and romantic even now. Have you met the love of your life? Even if yes, your partner would never say no to relive DDLJ with you.

9. Piku (2015)

IMDB 7.6

There must be some reason for we all love the road trips the most. The immense flexibility and freedom of choices it provides being one. Piku is the story of a father daughter duo taking a road journey together. A narrative of powerful connection and bond, the creation of new stories and beautiful countryside views of Varanasi and Kolkatta. The charm of satisfying the wanderlust by wandering over roads is something inexplicable and unmissable.

Piku Top bollywood travel movies

How have your road journeys been? Care to take one more?

10. London Paris New York (2012)

IMDB 5.7

Topping the list of most common foreign locations to travel, these cities generally make an easy place in everyone’s bucket-list. And the shoot locations too, does a complete justice to the expectations of movie name. The beautifully captured fantasy lands are weaved into a trip of perfection. Watch out the movie for an evening of entertainment coupled with some travel motivation.

London paris new york Top bollywood travel movies

Finally, it’s time to live your dream travels. Set your flight on one.

If you are a big-time movie buff (we are assuming so) and have already finished watching these, take out some time to watch the below top bollywood travel movies:

Dil Dhadakne Do (2015), Finding Fanny (2014), Chennai express (2013), Chalo Dilli (2011), Anjaana Anjaani (2010), The Darjeeling Limited (2007), Lootera (2013)..

The list never ends! As your travels should..

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  1. I am done with all these movies, they are all good but the best of all is Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.It is a super hit movie and I think that every single person should watch this movie either he loves to travel or not.

  2. I had watched all movies but mostly I like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is my favourite movie, I had watched this movie many times. Now I am waiting for Race 3.

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