Staying healthy on vacation

Top 7 tips for staying healthy on vacation

Going for a vacation is celebration time! This is the best chance and opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones or perhaps just getting away from everything. However, it is important to keep in mind that vacations generally put you out of your regular routine and that means you should focus more on staying healthy on vacation. Otherwise, the fun and enjoyment of vacations would take no longer to get spoiled.

Staying healthy on vacation

The traveling schedule generally throws off the sleeping habits, which could potentially weaken the immune system leaving the body vulnerable to catch a cold or the flu. On top of it, going on vacations also impacts the eating habits. Feeling more inclined to splurge and avoid eating the snacks and meals that you normally eat is quite a usual thing. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that can help maintain your diet and overall health while having fun. Here are some general health-related and eating tips which can help you in staying healthy on vacation.

1. Have some meals planned in advance

Keep some food with you so that you can have something if you start feeling hungry. This will prevent you from purchasing something from the vending machine or stopping at a fast food restaurant. Healthy snack choices include; trail mix, fruit, vegetables, granola, and pretzels.

2. Find ways to stay active

Exercising while you are traveling and it will help in boosting your energy levels. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes so that you can walk around in case of delays or layovers. Exercising will also keep you in a better mood while you are waiting to arrive at your destination.

Staying healthy on vacation

Even better would be to incorporate a physical activity during your trip for staying healthy on vacation. Many travel destinations have places to go hiking, swimming, or biking. Even simply choosing to walk as you’re exploring a new city is a great way to stay active.

3. Get proper rest

Getting a good night’s sleep is very important before you leave for your trip. Lack of sleep could potentially leave you vulnerable to catch a cold. If you are driving, be sure to get at least six hours of sleep before you hit the road. Even after you reach the destination, it is important to continue to get a full night’s rest. Take naps between activities, if you are still feeling tired during the day.

4. Stay hydrated

Staying healthy on vacation

Staying hydrated will keep you energized while preventing you from possible headaches. It is also important to be mindful of the quality of drinking water where you are vacationing. You may need to purchase mineral water bottles, or a bottle with a filter to have access to clean drinking water.

5. Eat breakfast

Eating breakfast is important. Don’t be afraid to make your own breakfast. It could be as simple as buying a box of oatmeal and adding some hot water. Other healthy breakfast choices include apples, cereal bars, and dried fruit.

Staying healthy on vacation

6. Choose a restaurant carefully

Try to eat at a sit-down restaurant instead of a fast food restaurant. This gives you the opportunity to inquire about how the food is prepared. Try to find a restaurant that uses local products. Restaurants that use local ingredients will generally be healthier than the alternatives. While ordering, be sure to get any dressings on the side and always choose grilled foods over fried foods. Vegetables and salads should be included in all of your meals.

7. Take hand sanitizer with you

You will come into contact with a lot of unwanted things as you travel, so a hand sanitizer is important when washing hands is not an option. Using hand sanitizer helps in the prevention of germs and bacteria spreads.

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