City Palace, Udaipur

My Udaipur and Mt. Abu travelogue

With its environment soaked in Mewar’s history and surroundings drenched in the breathtaking Aravali Ranges, Udaipur is a glimmering spot on Rajasthan’s map. The city is known for its beautiful lakes and is also known as the “City of Lakes” or the “Venice of the East”. In August, all the lakes restore water from monsoon and there are no scorching sun rays to give you tans, hence making it a perfect long weekend getaway.

Isha was still struggling with her Spiti tans and this is how Udaipur’s weather came to my rescue and made it easy for me to convince her for this road trip. To make the most out of 15th Aug long weekend, Deeksha also chipped in.

[For those who don’t know Deeksha – She is our friend who has a deep crush on a momo-wala and a watchman. Read more about her here]

We had 3 nights and 4 days in whole and the plan was to spend 2 nights in Udaipur and 1 night in Mount Abu. The starting point of our trip was Gurugram. Udaipur is 625km from Gurugram. And like most of our trips, we started on late Friday night (11th Aug). The fantastic road conditions of Delhi – Jaipur highway, Aravali’s greenery and light shower made our trip a beatific experience. It took us around 11 hours to reach Udaipur. I had booked our stay at hotel Forever Rooms near the Chetak Circle.

Way to Udaipur

12th August (Day 1) – We checked in around 12 noon and relaxed till late afternoon. Then in the afternoon we went to Fateh Sagar Lake. We tried boating and took a long stroll alongside the fence of the lake. The breeze and lake-side street food both complemented each other. We spent our whole evening near the lake and did some planning for the next day.

Fateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur

13th August (Day 2) – We started our day early morning and post breakfast, we went to see the City Palace. City Palace is known for swaying people with its majestic grandeur and architecture. We took a tour of this stunning palace with a private guide. He narrated us the history of the palace, the significance of various constructions and some popular stories about the palace and its Maharajas.

City Palace, Udaipur

After this tour, we had our lunch at a café near the Palace’s main gate and bought some souvenir for our friends from nearby shops. Next on our itinerary was the Bharatiya lok kala mandal. Another must visit place in Udaipur, this is a cultural institution and promotes the engagement in folk art, culture, folk dance and literature. We saw the evening (6pm – 7pm) show. The puppet show and the local folk dance was simply terrific.

Udaipur sahelio ki bari

After the puppet show, we went to the “Sahelio ki bari” (Garden of the maidens). We relaxed there and enjoyed the fountains and the greenery of this beautiful garden.  Later we again went to the Fateh Sagar Lake and returned to our hotel late night.

Fateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur

14th August (Day 3) – We started for Mt. Abu at 9AM and reached around 12 noon. After checking-in, we tried to make most out of the day. Mount Abu is a beautiful oasis in the desert. We started with the Dilwara Temple. The intricate carvings over the beautiful white marbles has turned this famous Jain temple into nothing less than a masterpiece. We admired the supreme art work in the silent cool atmosphere of Abu.

We did boating in the tranquil and cheerful Nakki Lake and then went to the sunset point to see the magical dusk. We saw the sky and the clouds getting soaked in Orange and yellow hues of the setting sun.

Mount Abu

After the sunset, we got ourselves drenched in with the spiritual bliss at the Brahma Kumaris Ashram. The place is huge and emits positive and peaceful vibes. From the grand entry gate, you will be redirected towards the Hall where they give spiritual lectures. Soothing peace is maintained inside the hall. Some volunteers preach about the good’s and bad’s of the life for around 15-20 minutes which guides the mind towards liberating thoughts.

Way to Mount Abu

15th August (Day 4) – Mount Abu to Gurugram is close to 750km and it was evident that it would take around 12-13 hours to reach Gurugram. We started around 10am after having our breakfast. With couple of pit stops, we reached Gurugram around 12 mid-night.

30 seconds take away –

  • Visit during rainy season to escape the sun. Also, the surroundings are green in August.
  • If visiting during long weekends like we did, book your stay in advance.
  • Take breaks to cherish the long road-trips.
  • Don’t miss the street food at the Fateh Sagar lake.
  • Carry an umbrella for rain and Sun.
  • Take a guide at City Palace and bargain your best with the guides.


Hope this travelogue helps you in planning your Udaipur itinerary. If you are looking for more places to visit in Udaipur and Mount Abu, then check our below links.

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  1. Such a beautiful travel journey and I must salute for your driving skill to cover over 700KM at a single stretch.

    I would like to learn about your stay at Mount Abu, what is worth or do you recommend any other places to stay around?

    Thank you in advance

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