Weekend places aroundPune

Top 5 places where you can spend your weekends in Pune

No matter where you are, how hectic it was or how your week had been.. When it comes to weekends, everyone awaits the much needed dose of tranquility and rejuvenation. And luckily if you are living in Pune, there is no dearth of travel beauties nearby which naturally stay veiled down in the romance of floating clouds and drizzling rains to reveal the raw fresh fragrance of greens when married with.

And nothing can beat the happiness within you while grabbing your type of coffee cup and a favorite read of yours, sitting down in the balcony of your villa or enjoying the light warmth of morning sun on the hill with a hint of cold winds along. And if this is not your thing, don’t worry, come and try walking the scented narrow lanes ornamented with adjoining trees when you hold a sight up towards the sky.

Come fall in peace while traveling Pune, the unadulterated delicacy as it is!

1. Lonavala

Weekend places around Pune Lonavala

Distance from Pune: 66kms

Lonavala is the type of vacation we imagine to take and the type of fantasy we often read to make it ours. The lanes stay engrossed amongst the big beautiful Parsi bungalows and clear western ghats sightings. The buttery smooth Pune-Mumbai highway ride turns out as the biggest dessert piece which we direly crave about.

  • When it comes to visiting the nearby places in Loanavala, lion’s point is the highest spot to drink the valley view nector straight from the top.
  • Bhushi Dam can also be encountered midway constructed over Bhushi river, an absolute scenic spot.
  • If you are interested in home décor items, there are several ceramics manufacturers over the route where you can get anything made out of porcelain starting from soap dispensers to wind chimes.

Weekend places around Pune Lonavala

  • The Narayani temple is a symmetric pink colored perfect masterpiece of architecture dedicated to goddess Narayani. Feel the waves of calmness and divinity passing straight through your heart.
  • The famous Sunil’s celebrity wax museum also demands your full attention (you can ignore the name though). Hosting more than 80 wax statues of famous celebrities, this attraction definitely makes up to the visiting list.

2. Khandala

Weekend places around Pune Khandala

Distance from Pune: 70kms

Located nearby Lonavala, Khandala is a sister replica to it. Exposing more of the internal unspoilt tranquility of Western ghats, Khandala is a gift wrapped delicacy to savor its taste slowly. The flat peaked green hills arouse the optimistic desire of conquering them and standing over the top to feel like a hero. The consistent bait luring weather is powerful enough to turn a traveler mind insane.

  • The Tiger point provides a mesmerizing sight down the valley with blow of pure winds dying to meet you and pass through.
  • Sunset point located nearby is kind enough to let you encounter the picture perfect dusk with skies diffusing into various orange hues.
  • Pavana lake is a beautiful nature lover’s spot for all who are seeking an escape into the clear blue skies and uncut fresh greens. The activity list allows you to do camping, boating and kayaking.

Weekend places around Pune Khandala

  • Lohagad fort is the place for historic and monument lovers. You need to climb the stairs to above but it is worth the view.
  • Bhaja caves is a group of 22 rock-cut caves forming an interesting visit for those who love visiting ancient caves. There are also some waterfalls nearby.


3. Imagica

Weekend places around Pune Imagica

Distance from Pune: 90kms

Imagica – “Badi interesting jagah hai” (The place is very interesting), the tagline does full justice to its name. Being a proud home to India’s largest roller coaster and 4D stimulation rides, Imagica has more than 25 theme based rides. Kids can live up to their fantasies and amusing rides whereas adults can manage getting their adrenaline rush to the verge of spilling it out. Designed as the background of some fairyland animation show, the place sways your heart as you are living in the dream world.

Weekend places around Pune Imagica

Get ready to fall a prey to childhood story book’s reality realizations, zero gravities and breathtaking free falls. A place where fun never ends and you can live your illusions in reality. There are few eating joints available inside but don’t eat too much before getting on the rides.

4. Mahabaleshwar

Distance from Pune: 120kms

A summer retreat and an eye candy to the screen glued tired eyes is what Mahabaleshwar promises to treat you with. There are dense forests around and the narrow lanes in the middle turn the ambience into the bollywood song’s background with romantic drizzling around. Keep going through and you are supposed to confront various valley view points with stunning sights of Sahyadri mountain ranges.

Weekend places around Pune Mahabaleshwar

Elephant’s head point, Arthur’s seat, Wilson point, Elphinstone point, Echo point, 3 monkey point, Helen’s point are some of these. Do savor the taste of maggi and some local specialties here. The valley ambience adds to the taste of it. Do pay a visit Mahabaleshwar temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, which is 500 years old.

5. Panchgani

Weekend places around Pune Panchgani

Distance from Pune: 100kms

Named after its consistence over 5 villages, Panchgani is a popular getaway owing to its amazing landscapic beauty. Famous for the manufacturing of leading brand’s fruit products and jams, Panchgani cultivates strawberry throughout the year and hence strawberry is the most common and incredible sight here. The strawberry annual festival is also celebrated. Mala’s fruit products and Mapro jams have their factory manufacturing units installed here.

Weekend places around Pune Panchgani

Go on a travel spree around and you will find Sydney point from where you can enjoy the eyesome views of Krishna valley and the clear waters of Dhom Dam. The Parsi point also offers some picturesque views of the valley draped in the blanket of serenity.

Pick up your screen glued heads and get onboard with a beautiful journey of your lives which makes you realize how pleasing it feels to breathe in the fresh air of greens and how satisfying it feels walking down the lanes under clear blue skies of purity.

How have your experiences been at these places? Tell us by commenting below

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