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Have you planned Christmas 2017 yet?

And this year’s Christmas eve has brought lots more merriment by falling on Monday. Yes yes, now you can totally realize the truth of your fulfilled long weekend dreams and the most awaited beautiful escape from Monday blues in front of your heart-shaped magical eyes.

Get up before the time runs out and set up your bookings ASAP as almost everyone is busy with making the Christmas celebrations a big-time fun this time, and you don’t deserve to stay on backfoot?

1. Goa

Christians are the second largest religious population in Goa. And Goa is a proud home to around 400 churches in all. Needless to say, how happening the Goan Christmas is ought to be! Shimmering lights in every corner of the city and vibrant colors marking the happiness and cheer around makes Christmas a beautiful saga and the most happening festival.

christmas celebrations 2017 Goa

What you should do: Attend the midnight mass in one of the popular churches (try getting there early by 10 PM). Enjoy an extravagant dinner available at every nook and corner and encounter the spectacular view of fireworks on the beach.

2. Manali

If the pre-requisite for your Christmas this year demands it to be a snowy affair, Manali is your destination. Amongst eyesome snow laden backdrops and over the chilly snow laden carpets, Manali assures your Christmas celebrations don’t lag on any front. The Mall road is decorated with tinsels and buntings making it appear no less than a fairyland.

christmas celebrations 2017 Manali

What you should do: Make a snowman, decorate your Christmas tree with real snow. Book your accommodation in wooden log huts, enjoy skiing and snowball fights. Use as many as lights you can to view the surreal shimmering snow.

3. Shillong

Shillong is at its pinnacle of festivities and celebrations during the Christmas season. The Cathedral church located in Shillong holds high religious significance owing to being one of the oldest in the whole region. The midnight mass is huge and a blessing to attend. Priest talks about Christmas cheers, gospel music is played in churches and melodious hymns are sung throughout.

Christmas celebrations 2017 shillong

What you should do: Try connecting and staying close with local culture and traditions. Listen to divine gospels in church and local dance troops for live music. The authentic traditional food is a must try.

4. Pondicherry

Pondicherry’s Christmas clearly stands out on your list if you prefer keeping out the traditional trivia’s and spending a different kind of clean, serene and beachy type of Christmas. The French colonial architecture of the city and the unique kind of customs they follow makes your festive visit worthwhile. Also, it does not get too crowded like other tourist destinations.

christmas celebrations 2017 Pondicherry

What you should do: Attend midnight mass at Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, try traditional turkey for dinner, pay a visit to Sri Aurobindo Ashram, gather your calm at the beaches.

5. Kerala

Kerala is being regarded as the best South Indian destination to celebrate Christmas. The colorful and vibrant decorations make the whole city drown in the cheerful waves of exuberance. The church premises are flocked by numerous visitors who come to witness the rare sight of Jesus’s birth. The vibes of local cultural touch turns the Christmas celebrations into lots of unforgettable memories.

christmas celebrations 2017 Kerala

What you should do: View the enactment of the birth of Jesus in various churches. Try the best of Kerala flavors: Achappam, bread with fish molly, beef curry and Kerala sweets. Absorb the charm of backwaters while celebrating the festivities.

And if travel is not on your mind due to the last minute expensive or unavailable bookings or if you want to spend your Christmas this year with closed ones in a cozy place, we also have some reddy-hot-christmassy-sweet plans for you!

a) Decorate your homes with these quick DIY ideas

Christmas 2017 Plan Letusgoto

b) Make a Christmas crib

Christmas 2017 Plan Letusgoto

c) Wear the best of Christmassy-reds

Christmas 2017 Plan Letusgoto

d) Visit church

Christmas 2017 Plan Letusgoto

e) Distribute happiness by distributing gifts

Christmas 2017 Plan Letusgoto

f) Prepare a festive meal

Santa is on your way with a bundle of happiness and lots of luck. Have a Merry Christmas! 🙂

Picture credits: Tripoto,,, trippindiandotcom, Awesome India, The Holiday India

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