Take the route less travelled on this vacation to Goa

If one loves to explore the untrodden path and hates being a follower, especially while on a vacation, then one must check out the amazingly hidden destinations on the next road trip to Goa. There is much more to Goa than the standard fare that is generally offered to any tourist who visits this magnificent holiday capital that the entire world is proud of. Goa is blessed with an abundance of sun and sand, but it goes much beyond this. Mesmerising waterfalls, serene rivers, national parks, caves and forts, Goa has it all.

Road trip to Goa

Any Mumbai to Goa trip, with friends or family, is incomplete without a visit to the following hidden gems that very few travellers choose to explore:

  • Harvalem waterfalls: Tucked deep inside the dense forest area near Sanquelim village in North Goa are the glorious Harvalem waterfalls. Hidden from the rest of the world, these white waterfalls cascade down on to the massive boulders and offer a wonderful feeling of seclusion.

  • Bamanbudo Waterfalls: Located at Gaodongrem in South Goa, it is easy to miss this place in the hustle bustle of more popular tourist spots. A dip in its fresh and cool waters is sure to rejuvenate one, so one must not miss this peaceful place for anything.
  • Sinquerim Fort: One can get more than an eyeful of fabulous Portuguese architecture at the Sinquerim Fort which is in North Goa. One must remember to carry one’s camera along as this place offers great photo opportunities. The unique fort design, the soft sand, and the amazing sunset are worth the effort of travelling to this place.

Sinquerim Fort, North Goa

  • Lamgau Caves: Situated in Bicholim, North Goa, the Lamgau caves are nothing short of an architectural masterpiece, with its elaborate carvings and brilliantly designed interiors. The courtyard has a beautiful stone linga and a tulsi Vrindavan too, apart from a shrine.

  • Wildlife Sanctuaries: The fact that Goa houses three wonderful wildlife sanctuaries, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Mollem National Park and Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, proves beyond doubt that Goa is much more than beaches and pubs. One can sight leopards, sloth bears, gaurs and laughing hyenas here, so one must ensure that they are included in the travel itinerary.

Road trip to Goa

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