Udaipur city palace

Udaipur – A tradition of Rajasthan

Udaipur is a cultural insight into the deep lanes of Rajasthan. A storehouse of traditions and royal heritage, it is also known as the city of lakes. Where in these modern times, we hardly find any historical preservations of our lifestyle, Udaipur has somehow managed to keep its originality intact. The forts, the palaces, grand interiors, handlooms and handicrafts, every bit of Udaipur is a display of royal lineage.

Udaipur city palace

The City Palace is the central attraction of Udaipur and is considered as the largest royal complex of Rajasthan. The palace was built by Maharana Udai Singh and further changes in the architecture and structure were brought by succeeding rulers. Once you make a grand royal entry through the magnificent doors, the picturesque palace ensures you fall in awe with the splendid building and its minute intricacies. Neatly maintained royal gardens, an English café, a shopping bazaar and lots of guides to provide a historical tour of the palace, the hyped stories about the place seems so justified.

Situated on the banks of Pichola lake, the city palace is a mythological land turned to reality and laid in front of your eyes. It takes around an hour and a half to explore the beauty and grandeur of our royal historical past.  The palace complex consists of many monuments like the Monsoon Palace/Sajjangarh Palace, Lake Palace, Jagdish Temple, Jag Mandir, and Neemach Mata temple.

Udaipur city palace

City palace also is a kind home for activities such as boating or a tour to crystal palace or city palace museum. It stays open and accessible from 7am to 11pm.

The city of lakes possesses wonderful lakeside views and a bliss of solace.

  • Lake Pichola (Within Udaipur)
  • Udai sagar lake(13 kms from Udaipur)
  • Fateh Sagar Lake(Within Udaipur)
  • Jaisamand Lake(52 kms from Udaipur) – Second largest artificial lake in Asia


Fateh sagar lake udaipur

Fateh Sagar lake in Udaipur is one of the 4 lakes of the city and the second artificial one. The lake is divided into three islands namely Nehru park, another public park and a solar observing site. Monsoons favorably add to the beauty of lakes. There are varied boating options and cafes alongside Fateh Sagar lake. Evenings are more happening with lots of people taking a stroll around and enjoying the roadside stalls. The hustle bustle around makes the environment more lively and cheerful.

Another experience of Udaipur is “Bharatiya lok kala mandal” which is a cultural institution and promotes the engagement in folk art, culture, folk dance and literature. Housing a museum, puppet shows and folk dance performances, this place is a must visit. The show is held regularly in the evening from 6-7 which puts on display the vibrant and interesting stories during the puppet show and immensely talented folk dancers. The act of balancing over 10 pots over the head and walking bare feet over the glass pieces keeps the eyes glued to their terrific performance.

Udaipur sahelio ki bari

“Sahelio ki bari” (Garden of the maidens) is a beautiful garden which was initially constructed by the king so that his queen and their maids could spend some time in leisure. The garden is neatly maintained even now and contains a lotus pool accompanied by marble elephants. Fountains and the greenery around makes the place a perfect getaway to relax and enjoy some time close to the nature. The garden is open every day from 8AM-8PM.

Sajjangarh Palace is also known as the monsoon palace as it was chiefly built to enjoy the monsoon season’s clouds, situated atop the hill. It offers delightful views of the whole Udaipur city and its picturesque lakes. Sunset and sunrise are also worth watching from the intelligently built astronomical structure of the palace.

Udaipur city palace

Udaipur has multiple other places of attraction such as:

  • Jag Mandir Palace – Built on an island of lake Pichola, the palace is a masterpiece of perfection and beauty. It was used by the royalty for holding pleasure parties.
  • Shilp Gram – It is a craftsmen’s village displaying the rural arts and crafts. There are various huts and they encourage various artists to come together and protect their heritage. Every year Shilpgram festival is organized from 21 to 31 December where various types of materials like hand woven clothes, embroideries, mirror works and handicrafts are kept on display. Potters and artists are also promoted. Various cultural programs are organized.
  • Sukhadiya circle – This place has a splendid 21-ft high three tired marble fountain and a small pond across where people enjoy boating and gazing the marvelous structure.


A tradition and culture of Rajasthan, Udaipur is a true delight which serves its purpose right and flaunts its royalty and grandeur so one feels like a king in the modern era!

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