Gyanganj - A secret land deep in the Himalayas where immortals live

Gyanganj – A secret land deep in the Himalayas where immortals live!

In the loft snow capped peaks of the mighty Himalayas hides some of the deepest secrets of the world. One such secret is of a land of immortals where superhuman inhabitants. Gyanganj or Siddhashram is a place located in the remote isolated valleys of Himalayas that is known to hold the secrets of immortality. Gyanganj or Siddhashram is home to several immortal saints with supernatural powers.

Mythological textbooks like Ramayana and Mahabharata and several autobiographies gives references to existence of this mystic land in the Himalayas. Gyanganj, also known as Siddhashram, Shambala or Shangri-La, is believed to exist somewhere in north of Kailash-Manasarovar in Tibet. Some old buddhist texts have instructions to reach Gyanganj but the directions are ambiguous and according to believers, only enlightened saints can find this land.

Gyanganj - secret land of immortals in  Himalayas

Sai Kaka (Guru) who claims to have visited Gyanganj multiple times, says that the place exists on an entirely different plane or a higher dimension. [This reminds me of Kunlun mountains from the Marvel’s Iron Fist web series]

Several people claims to have visited Gyanganj. Paramahansa Yogananda, in his Autobiography of a Yogi, writes about his guru’s guru’s guru, Mahavatar Babaji, an immortal sage of great age who remains forever young. Yogananda mentions the sage’s abode to be a spot pulsating with the energy of siddhas and yogis—Gyanganj.
Gopinath Kaviraj, in his book Siddhabhoomi Gyanganj, details the place and its superhuman inhabitants. He talks about the experience of his guru, Swami Vishudhananda, who visited Gyanganj to learn surya vigyan or solar science. This knowledge empowered him to manifest objects and transform one object into another by manipulating the rays of the sun.

Gyanganj - secret land of immortals in  Himalayas

Gyanganj is not just an Indian legend but its roots can also be traced to Tibet. In Tibet this celestial kingdom is known as Shambala, a Sanskrit word which means – the source of happiness. It is believed that this legendary land protects secret spiritual teachings of the world.
Some say this mystical hermitage is a myth just like heaven and Utopia, while others believe that they actually live in other dimension. What do you think? Spine-tingling. Right?

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