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The valleys, The magic, The peace: Kinnaur

Deviated from the league of other hill stations of Himachal Pradesh, Kinnaur is a paradise located around 235 kms from Shimla. The green haven puts its adorning features on display as chiseled perfectly. Rain washed, untouched and fresh spaces, delicious scarlet red apple orchards and narrow lanes where trees join themselves from opposite ends, exploring Kinnaur through the eyes of a traveler is angelic.

En route via Spiti, when Kinnaur district is entered, a turn encounters the mountain bended over the road as if forming a tunnel-like opening. And the curvy roads even reveal the marvels there. Reckong peo is the headquarters of Kinnaur district and the buses stop here first.

KinnaurAccommodations options are easily available around the bus stand but don’t expect something extra ordinary. The surroundings are swarmed with roadside vendors and the hustle bustle of the city. The stairs take you down to the main market of Kinnaur and eating joints. There is also a taxi stand there which easily lets tourists hire a taxi to explore the options around Kinnaur.

Kalpa is a masterpiece of scenic beauty located at half an hour’s distance from Kinnaur. Taxis, maxi cabs and local buses make Kalpa an easily accessible option to visit. And when you visit Kalpa, its not just another sightseeing spot, it’s a fantasy world existing into a real one. The narrow poetic lanes with adjoining trees and cool breeze: Kalpa is a rover’s land to be explored on foot rather.

Kinnaur Chitkul village

The journey further brings you across Roghi road’s suicide point which is situated at an altitude of around 3000 metres. The surroundings are spellbinding and if the weather is on your side, you can sit hours gazing at the picturesque pieces around. A Buddhist monastery and a temple also lie close by and love to serve peace to your soul. The temple architecture is entwined with wooden walls and doors which look exquisite.

The whole path of Kalpa is laden with apple orchards and when you traverse the roads on your own, these naturally sweet and juicy apples magnetize you to get attracted towards them.

Chitkul and Sangla valley are both on the same route and are situated at around 2 hours distance from Kinnaur. Taxi can be hired from the taxi union which can take you for a day trip around. The paths to the valley are enormously green and mind refreshing. The eyesome scenic images straight away embed in your mind and a flashback is enough to make yourselves travel back to the awesome time.

The small outlets of river water over the paths making a melodious sound while passing over the stones is a wonder to feel through. The tall palm trees across and the sound of wind passing through the leaves make sure you don’t leave the space any sooner. Miracles do exist and when you decide to spend some time in these solitary valley paths, you believe them.

Kinnaur Chitkul village

Sangla valley comes first on the way and the surroundings it blesses you with, promises to hold you there forever. Deep green valley with warm sunshine making it shimmer and the untouched pieces around calling you to run your hands over them is the perfect aura you can imagine of.

You don’t need any sign boards further to tell you how far Chitkul is. The spectacular views calls for itself. Set your feet outside and have a look around: A wide expanse of terrace farmed field with hues of light and dark greens, a flag flying midway with every blow of mild wind, a brook passing by silently making its way and the embedded calmness which lets each storm inside you to melt away! Chitkul is the relief you crave to look out for even in the hardest of the times.

Potato farming is what the majority of people do here to survive. If you ever get enough of collecting it all inside your mind’s camera, pay a visit to Mathi temple. The temple is a beautifully crafted wooden  masterpiece dedicated to Chamundeshwari Devi. The grand door surely makes you remember the royal forts and palaces.

Kinnaur Mathi temple chitkul

Chitkul is also the last village of India before China border. Army and ITBP (Indo Tibetan Border Police) are deployed there and work in coordination with each other. Unlike one would expect, the force people are very jovial and answers the questions one might be inquisitive to ask.

The river which flows all along the way can be visited going down a few steps. The flow of water is dangerous when the stream is full. Otherwise, if you sit around and just listen to the serenity of mountains around, your purpose is fulfilled.

Kinnaur Baspa river chitkul

Kinnaur is a journey to behold in your eyes and to not even miss a single turn’s revelation. For what you might be seeking, is there in front, waiting for you to get stunned!

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