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The Spiti story: An affair to behold (Part 4)

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A sunny morning was on the top of my immediate wish list and Kaza did me the kind favor. I opened the window of my room and could feel the early rays of pure sunshine drenching over my aching skin. It gave me energy, the healing one. It felt like Kaza was a desired paradise and I just needed to see the nymphs dance.

Getting ready and checking out from the cozy interiors dint make me feel lazy any longer. Intuitions had it that Kaza was gonna be a revelation of a new me. We took our breakfast at “Kunzum Inn”, the criteria of selection being the high energy content of food. And hence, I ordered for the cream of mushroom soup and Kunal chose a bowl of mix fruit oats.

Kaza village spiti valley
A warm and pleasant morning in Spiti

We checked for the local taxi union shop and booked the cab (Rented for approx 2700 along with a driver) for the local sightseeing which included:

  • Langcha- A serene village
  • Hikkim – The village with highest post office
  • Komic – The world’s highest village connected via the motorable road
  • Kee Monastery – The heart of Spiti Valley
  • Kibber – One of the highest villages in the world

The ride began and the celestial surroundings too. The sunny morning which gave us an energetic start turned into a cloudy one when we started ascending upwards. Kaza appeared like a small crowded lane of huts and nothing more, from the top. We reached Langza in about forty minutes which passed too soon owing to the colossal colors revealed by surrounding pieces of beauty.


Langza village spiti valley
Buddha statue at Langza

I stepped out and saw a huge statue of Buddha at the top of the village and around 20-30 houses which laid down there. Like the place was being blessed by the divinity of Buddha and hence everything was at peace. The golden hued statue is believed to be 1000 years old but it still carried the strong aura of a divine power. The village has a low population of around 150 people who make their living by cultivating rice and potatoes. There are home stays if accommodation is needed. However we took a round across but there was hardly any soul outside.  Might be it was too early of us to visit!


Komic village highest in world spiti valley
Komic Village

We next headed towards Komic which is the world’s highest village connected via the motorable road. I could have easily spent hours sitting at the edge and looking down at the valley’s spectacular visuals. When heights get higher and oxygen gets lower, it does not take much time to feel the effects. I was feeling tired just after taking 10 steps. The breaths were falling short and I needed some time to regain myself. The monastery displays a clear sign of “Not allowed for women” but the feminist me let it go this time.

It was lunch time and all the monks were gathered at an eating space near monastery. Me and Kunal sipped some Gatorade hoping that it would instantly rejuvenate our bodies with enough energy and it kept us going.


The highest post office in the world and the excitement of sending postcards: I had always thought of doing it! Now was the time and my eagerness grew multifolds. The post office is comprised of 2-3 rooms and almost everyone stops there to send the postcards to their closed ones. I was posting a postcard for the first time in my life and it made me realize that how often we miss upon doing some small yet sweet gestures. Waiting for the right times for right things to happen just delays our connection with the otherwise perfect life.

Highest post office in world Hikkim village Spiti Valley
Highest post office at Hikkim

There is only one post office employee employed there who is working from past 30 years and plans to continue doing the same. There were 2 teenage girls and a kid outside who were selling the fossils.  The science textbooks coming alive in front, I had a close look and those pieces were so symmetrical.

Kee Monastery

Google images show Kee Monastery as the luring bait when one searches for Spiti and undoubtedly it is the well placed one. Situated atop the hill, the monastery had been attacked multiple times in the past and hence the consecutive construction trails have resulted in a haphazardous structure which still manages to maintain charm of its own. Climbing a few turns slowly and gradually, Kunal read me the historical story and we reached the entrance gate.

Kee monastery spiti valley
Kee Monastery

I was confused as to how to spend my worthy time by choosing what to look at. Either the main temple of the monastery or the breathtaking views in front or the cloudy sky which was unadulterated or by talking to monks who had been living there in the heavenly paradise. However, I managed to do it all, be it for a small bit.  And as I try to say it all, but still words can’t do the justice to the feelings I felt.


It was around 5PM and we reached Kibber, the last destination for the day. I was catching my breaths by stopping at the side when a mother came by following her cutest baby. Trust me I am not exaggerating but that kid was another level of adorable. The mother offered us tea and the duo was so irresistible that we decide to stay at their home stay.

Kibber village spiti valley
Our host at the homestay in Kibber

She treated us so warmly, cooked lovely food and told some amazing stories about the village people and their beliefs. We were far away from home, yet at another home.

We tried to stay awake till late to have a look at the midnight starry sky but once we felt the comfort and coziness of the warm room, the option of keeping the eyes open simply vanished away from the list.

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