Shani shingnapur temple story

Shani Shingnapur Village – A village without doors

shani shingnapur village travel story

The story of a village where people believe that Lord Shani resides in the temple icon and punishes anyone who tries an attempt at theft is no less than an amazement:

Shani Shingnapur is a village situated in Nevasa taluka of Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. The village is famous as it is the home to the most popular temple of Lord Shani. The deity in the temple is a self emerged black stone, from the earth. The existence of the temple is believed to be from the start of Kali yuga

The second thing for which the village is famous for, is there are no doors in the houses or shops or even the post office. The valuables are kept locked in the safe though. Due to the fear of Lord Shani, no one dares to be involved in any such theft activity. Some who have tried to steal have died vomiting blood within minutes of their act and before they could cross the boundary. Many others are believed to have received varied punishments such as long sickness, mental imbalance etc.

The temple is very crowded on Saturdays as it is considered the main day of Lord and people present oil to the deity to make him happy.

Women were originally restricted from entering the inner sanctum of the temple but after the landmark judgement on 8 April 2016, women are now allowed to enter the sanctum.

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