Brokpa – The last pure Aryan race and pregnancy tourism

Close to the bank of Indus river, in the high mountains of Ladakh, near the LOC (Line of Control) in Kashmir, there are some small Himalayan villages. These villages are inhabited by a tribe called Brokpa, who are said to be the last pure Aryan race. And women from different countries come to these villages just be get impregnated by men they believe to be racially pure Aryans and go back to their country with seeds of pure Aryan race.

The Aryans were regarded as the ‘Master Race’—tall, blue-eyed blondes endowed with superior intelligence and values. Nestled in 4 villages of Ladakh (Dah, Hano, Darchik and Garkon) the Brokpa also have blue eyes, lighter skin, and they stand taller than residents of surrounding communities. They claim to be be the pure bloodline of the Aryans and myth has it that they trace their genetic history to the members of the Alexander’s army which stayed back. Unlike the majority of the Ladakhis with Tibeto-Mongol looks, the Brokpas have Indo-Aryan features.

Brokpa Aryan Men

The 1800 strong Brokpa community has preserved their way of life and genetic uniqueness using strong social sanctions and rules. They take pride in their ancestors and genetic uniqueness. Brokpa folklore says that the community arrived here from Gilgit in Pakistan just across the LoC, there is a view that they are actually descendants of Alexander the Great’s army, whose Genghis Khan-like sexual profligacy is a matter of legend.



Brokpa - Aryan Tribe in Ladakh and Pregnancy Tourism

For many years, visitors were barred from the isolated towns. Slowly, two were opened up, and in 2010 the regional government opened all four Brokpa villages in a push for tourism. Now, the populations are experiencing a wave of curious visitors coming to marvel at their surprising appearance, including backpackers and scholars—and even, most strangely, women hoping to tap into the supposedly pure genetic pool.

While we don’t know if what they claim is true or not, but the sudden increase in pregnancy tourists and other curious visitors from all over the world have given the Brokpa not only a great boost to their self-esteem but also a new economic boom in the sale of sperm.

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  1. Kundalini ji M ajaz munshi a cultural activist and curator of Munshi Aziz Bhat Museum of Silk Route and Central Asian Trade kargil U had a wonderful story on the Brokpas of Ladakh .where u had covered only the d Brokpas of Dha Hanukkah Darchicks and Garkone.and why not the Brokpas of Drass and adjoining areas who r Muslims and r known as SHINS with a distinct and unique identity inhabited in places like Badgam,Karkit, Chanigund nd Drass Block of Kargil District. Commonly in Ladakh inhabitants wether they belong to Drass or Aryan Villages r known as DROKPAS . So my request to u is that if you can also cover the Shinas of kargil also.Kargil is the only district in J&K state wr we have six seprate distinct cultural identities which also includes DARDS and SHINAS besides PURik,BALTI,ZANSKARI and KASHMIRI,

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