Travel is a drug

Don’t travel. Travel is a drug!

I started travelling to escape from all the fuss of this 9-5 metro life. Unknowing that this travel bug will make me homeless one day. My new year’s resolution of 12 places in 12 months made me a travel addict. And travel addiction is much similar to doing drugs. Like drugs, you get high with each ascending steps. But unlike drugs, you don’t need money to travel. All you need is Kinetic Energy. Quite literally. Just keep moving forward.

travel is a drug

With each trip I took, I understood that it’s okay to live a life that others don’t understand. To settle in wilderness became my obsession. It became harder to stay at home. Every time I came back from a trip, it wasn’t the same old me. Something somewhere changed and all I wanted was to get lost while travelling and never come back home. Looking at the ceiling reminds of sleeping under the starry sky at 10,000 ft, where the chilly winds from north gave me goosebumps.

Standing on the roof with prayer flags on every corner, white mountains in front, sound of river and wind blowing through tree that winter night was the best night out I ever had. I learned that these mountains do speak and you don’t need ears but a heart to listen. Sages have housed under the shelter of these mountains, because they knew this secret.

Travel tweaked my senses. An introvert like me, spoke to hundreds of people to listen to their story. Strangers have helped me when I had no clue. Travelling made me fall in love with my solitude. Those backwoods had no wifi and you like it for no rationale.



Everyday I plan to escape. Escape from this concrete jungle and soiled air into the real jungle, amidst the nature to breathe the pure air. The mountains just keep calling me back. The insanely beautiful mountains and trails that once taught me being patient, are now making me impatient. This city sucks and I want to run away. Run away to watch the cloud, mist, rain, snow, mountains, wind, trees, rivers and everything.

This shouldn’t have started. Homeless now!

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