The ultimate guide on Hampta pass trek

Trekking is like an addiction and Hampta Pass trek is one such name to it.
Itinerary for Hampta pass trek

Trekking is like an addiction. And only the ones having such a positive addiction, can make best out of their lives. Hampta Pass trek is one such name to it. The trek offers picturesque views and ever changing landscapes along the way. Adding to it, the camping locations also are amazingly placed. If it is to be said that every turn is an awaiting surprise over the trek, there would be nothing wrong. Owing to all the convenient and pleasing features, this trek rather serves itself as on icing over your favorite flavored cake. Read through on how to nail the itinerary for Hampta pass trek.

 Itinerary for Hampta pass trek

The destination to reach first for starting the trek is Manali. And thereafter, it continues..

Day 1 Manali –> Jobra –> Cheeka

Drive from Manali to Jobra: Around 2 hours

Trek from jobra to Cheeka: Around 2-3 hours

The first day of the trek is kept very light taking into consideration the hectic drive till Manali. After relaxing a bit, the drive from Manali to Jobra passes through small yet pristine hamlets of Panduropa, Hampta and checkpost of Allain Duhungan hydel project site. This is the point from where the trekking route starts. Jobra to Cheeka distance via trekking is around 2 kms and the path is beautifully laiden with maple trees and thick forests of walnut, deodar and oak trees. After passing this beauty, the trekking path takes another beautiful turn towards meadows alongside river Rani. A bit of a climb afterwards take you to Cheeka, the first campsite. The span of grassland around and the river flowing nearby, your mind wont give a single thought about growing out of the place.

 Itinerary for Hampta pass trek


Day 2  Cheeka –> Balu ka Gera

Trek from Cheeka to Balu ka Gera: Around 6 hours

The second day’s trek brings you across picturesque scenic landscapes and thrilling experiences. The trek continues with boulders and rocky terrains in the start. You need to cross the stream of water next, to reach the other side and the water is chilling enough to turn your feet numb. Its totally your call to live the experience or cross it via stepping over rocky stones instead. After crossing the stream, Jwara is the next place and the valley looks amazing. The stunning view of Dhauladhar ranges also comes into existence. This is also known as the White ranges, owing to the fact of being covered with snow. The path next is laid with muti colored pretty flowers which makes the surroundings cheerful and colorful. After crossing Jwara, Balu ka Gera campsite is reached. The flat terrain is filled with sand which is deposited by the river. The winds become chilly here and the environment turns satisfactory. Spend a peaceful night.

 Itinerary for Hampta pass trek


Day 3 Balu ka Gera –> Hampta –>Shea Goru

Trek from Balu ka Gera to Hampta: Around 4-5 hours ascent

Trek from Hampta to Shea Goru: Around 3 hours descent

This is the D-day when you will be reaching the maximum heights of Hampta Pass. This is the most stretched day with steep slopes straight way till Hampta pass. Keep yourself hydrated and don’t take long breaks till you reach the pass. The rising mountains are laid along the way and the amazing views of Mt Indrasan await you at the top. The change in the landscape on reaching the Lahaul region is highly contrasting yet an amazement to look at. Shea Goru is a complete descent afterwards and is a bit tricky to handle. Keep your grip firm. The name “Shea goru” means cold street and it justifies the name. The campsite is along the riverside and you surely will have a sleep of contentment.

 Itinerary for Hampta pass trek


Day 4 Shea Goru –> Chatru

Trek from Shea Goru to Chatru: Around 5 hours

The day has an easy downhill trek. The landscape throughout the way is barren with deserts and rocky terrains of mountains of Pir Pranjal and Spiti raanges. Chatru is the confluence point of three paths namely Spiti valley, Rohtang pass and Hampta pass. If the weather is favorable, the day can be continued to stay at the campsite along Chandratal, the moon shaped lake, a paradise to be at. The blue waters of the lake and the surrounding mountains present a breathtaking landscape. Otherwise, chatru serves as the camp location for the night.

Itinerary for Hampta pass trek


Day 5 Chatru/Chandratal –> Manali

Drive from Chandratal to Manali: around 7 hours

This is the last day of the expedition and a drive of 7 hours to reach Manali on the round trip. And these 5 days of wonderful experience will serve you loyally, throughout the lifetime.   

Life is an ever changing experience and the Hampta pass trek is one such too, which possesses the ability to change the direction and purpose of your lives. Get on board and feel yourselves.

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