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10 Travel gadgets and accessories you need to travel with

Long gone are the times when everything was done the conventional way. We need to do things in a smarter way  to stay ahead on our front always. One such smarter way is to travel smartly and when it comes to that, we have plenty of travel gadgets filling the gaps. Some of them surely need a hands-on to make our travel lives easier and happier.

1. Lifestraw

This comes as a great relief in the times where getting pure and clean water in some regions does not get any easier. It can filter upto 1000L of water to ensure you a healthy ongoing travel life.

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Lifestraw Travel Gadgets and accessories


2. Universal travel adapter

Because you never know what type of sockets will you find at different places. This is a good enough deal to be cracked at low budget with high gains. 

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3. Travel pillow

Trust me, you don’t need any travel partner once you have this. No companion would be comfortable enough to give you a comfy and cozy experience.

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Travel pillow Travel Gadgets and accessories


4. Body massager

Trekking trips generally leave us with no sense and soul to continue the rest of the journey. And that’s why the massagers were invented in the first place, to ensure happy trekking! 

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5. Hammock

A Hammock already is a love to fall for and with the beautiful scenic views around, it is a precious and must felt travel experience you would never forget a lifetime.

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Hammock Travel Gadgets and accessories


6. Eye mask

How are you going to concentrate on your exploration mania when you dint get a good sleep overnight? An eye mask is a must have in your travel accessories list.

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7. Noise cancelling headphones

Sometimes, someplace, somehow ..  you just want silence to take hold over the surroundings and leave you with some meaningful thoughts and a lovely evening. 

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Headfones Travel Gadgets and accessories


8. Power bank

No matter how much we try, it is never easy for our smartphone-glued generation to reduce our social media presences. Hence, it sounds better to do the damage control beforehand.

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9. Kindle

For all the book lovers out there, this is a true blessing. You can virtually take thousand of books along with you without feeling heavy.

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Kindle Travel Gadgets and accessories


10. Bluetooth speakers

Bang on! What do you need the most on your daaru (alcohol) party night? And on the way to your destination? And on a trekking path towards the top? These speakers make sure you enjoy every bit of your journey.

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Does it seem like we have missed out something? Share with us by commenting below.

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