Gurez valley in Kashmir

Planning a trip to Gurez? Here goes your ‘must-knows’ list!

A quiet evening sitting along the riverside enjoying the chilly yet pleasant breeze and a splendid view of surrounded snow capped Himalayas, the gushing sound of water rushing through big stones.. this perfect blend of serenity and calmness is all what your mind seeked all these years. And to experience this magical evening and much more, plan a trip to Gurez valley!

Kashmir Gurez Valley

Distance from Delhi: 965 kms (Around 133 kms from Srinagar)

Commuting options from Srinagar:  Its around 7 hours journey from Srinagar. The road is difficult to drive. Therefore, its suggested either to take an expert driver or travel through shared SUV’s available from Bandipora, which is 67 kms from Srinagar.

Best time to visit Gurez valley: June-September (The region is blocked in winters due to heavy snowfall)

Where to stay In Gurez

JK Tourism and JKTDC have guest houses in Dawar(11 kms from Gurez). Looking out for hotels and lodges would be a sheer waste of time as there are none.

Weather in Gurez, Srinagar

People of Gurez

The population of Gurez mainly comprises of Sunni muslims. They speak Shina language and their attire is similar to the others in Kashmiri region.


  • The region is covered up with heavy military posts and hence multiple time checkings are inevitable. Keep your ID cards handy.
  • There is only one ATM at Gure. Keep cash with you before hand, in case the ATM gets out of service
  • Mobile networks dont work in the region. BSNL is the only service provider. Though phone booths/PCO service is available.
  • Weather is quite cold in the region. So, It is preferable to carry woolens along.
  • Special permission is required from JK Gov fisheries office if you want to do fishing.

Gurez valley Kashmir

Gurez is a love to endure and a feeling to nurture. No matter how many times you visit, Gurez offers its kindest experience which you are going to cherish ever.

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Picture Credits: Paradise Kashmir, heavenlydestination, Thousand Wonders

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