Sushma Swaraj and Suresh Prabhu helping indians on twitter

Stuck somewhere? Tweet to Sushma Swaraj/Suresh Prabhu and get immediate help!

These days the Ministry of Railways and Ministry of Home Affairs are just a tweet away. Literally, if you are in need of any help from them, just send them a tweet and they will help you quickly. Be it a diaper or a VISA, Sushma Swaraj and Suresh Prabhu are helping people in distress and providing immediate help. Both the gov bodies are active to twitter and helping citizens, and have made politicians approachable.

A passenger tweeted to Ministry of Railways and Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu to ask for a diaper for his daughter. Here is what Ministry of Railways replied –

Though this escalated quickly and people started trolling the guy for his silly demand but the way Ministry of Railways handled and helped the guy won everyone’s heart. There are many other numerous events when Suresh Prabhu has replied intermediately and taken action to help the passengers.

This guy asked Railways to stop the train for extra 10 mins for this ailing father. Railways not only stopped for extra 10 mins but also ensured that his father boarded the train.

Very similar to Suresh Prabhu, Sushma Swaraj has asked people to tweet their travel-related problems at her, turning her twitter account into a legitimate way for distressed travellers to register their grievances. People who are stuck outside India needs to tag Indian Embassy and CC: Sushma Swaraj. Where as people can tag regional passport offices for passport related queries. She has asked to add #SOS in case of emergency.

The external affairs ministry has also recently launched a ‘Twitter Seva’ to enable timely, transparent and large-scale response to citizens’ tweets in real time, supported by 198 Twitter accounts of Indian missions abroad and 29 regional passport offices.

Both these leaders have shown how social media platform can be effectively used to help people. Hope they continue helping people in distress. Kudos to them!

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  1. Yeah…they are actually doing a great job.
    Social media is being efficiently used here, both by the Railways and the people.
    Kudos to them!

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