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10 words/feelings related to travel that you thought never existed

The travel mania is so orgasmic that many a times we fall short of travel words to express how perfect and stunning the experience had been. And an incomplete orgasm is a serious turn-off (no pun intended). Therefore, we ought to bring you amongst the beautiful and meaningful world of travel words. So that next time you are explaining your experience, you do it the perfect way, the way exactly you experienced it.

Yes, we all know that friends are important and life is beautiful. Why not have a word for this?

Hygge travel words


Some of us have the anxiety, some feel the sudden adrenaline rush.. how would you define yours?

Resfeber travel words


Do it dedicatedly, otherwise don’t do it! Here’s the word you are looking for:

Meraki travel words


Come on, we all have experienced it at some point of the life or other but we never knew the word for it!

Eleutheromania travel words


Only if plan A went well, I would have been somewhere else! It’s easier to explain now.

Novaturient travel words

The best part about travelling is you will always have a wonderful encounter. Now you can name it proudly.

Trouvaille travel words


Yes, we even have a word for this (No matter how rarely this state occurs).

Eudaimonia travel words


Some of us just keep moving forward, to an unknown destination, to follow life’s purpose. Dedicated to you, buddies!

Coddiwomple travel words


The love of my life is “the life I got to live”! How many of you agree?

Livsnjutare travel words


Sometimes everything seems moh-maaya (illusion) and a distant place away from all the hustle of the life seems the only option. We have this perfect word to describe the feeling.

Fernweh travel words

How many words did you know? Tell us by commenting below!

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