Top Tips/Hacks you must know before going for a Bike Trip

Going on a bike trip is an experience in itself. The fresh air rushing to your face, the accelerator in your hand that makes you feel like u have all the control on your life, the small breaks at tea shops that refreshes you completely, thrilling poses with you bikes and much more.

The thought itself makes you excited, isn’t it?

Before you go for your next bike trip here are few hacks which you must know!

1. Get you bike checked in a Garage before going on a trip.
2. Tie up the luggage to your bike instead of hanging them on your backs. You will get less tired.


3. Try to ride bike at constant speed instead of sudden acceleration/deacceleration to avoid the risk of back ache.
4. Don’t take breaks much often else the time to cover the distance will increase considerably and you will get tired. Take small breaks every 2-3 hours.

5. Download offline map and mark the important stops/food joints/places to visit as route may include places where there is no cellular network coverage.


6. Keep talking to the person sitting behind you at regular intervals, so that you won’t feel drowsy.
7. Prefer bikes likes Royal Enfield/Avenger instead of sport bikes as they keep your back straight so you are more comfortable in riding them.


8. Stay stocked up with at least 1 Litre water per head and ensure it gets refilled wherever possible.
9. Stuff your bagpacks with protein bars, glucose and biscuits.
10. Prefer taking bikes with tubeless tyres for your trip because even in case of any puncture they can be used for considerable amount of time unless you find the tyre repair shop.

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  1. Downloading offline maps is a great tip and one more tip I want to add up, that is a first aid kit and some cash in the wallet. As nowadays we find it hard to cash out at most places.

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