Top 10 tips to take killer Instagram pics when you travel

Top 10 tips to take killer Instagram pics while travelling

We all like taking pics while travelling and flaunting them on Facebook and Instagram. But a lot of time you don’t get a perfect shot and you end-up getting only few likes. Instagram is a great place to display your photography skills and promote your brand using your photographs. Here are top 10 tips to take killer Instagram pics when you travel –

1) Horizontal Shots

Take shots with your phone in horizontal positions. This way you get to large part of the landscape in the original pic and then later you can crop it directly on Instagram as per your wish. Remember its better to crop then zooming as zooming can result in a loss of quality.

2) Focus on the subject

One of the first rules of photography is that the subject should be sharp. And almost all smartphones these days allow you to focus on the subject. Focusing on the subject adds detail to it and also creates an incredible blurry background while your subject remains sharp.

3) Lighting

Lighting is the key to get a perfect shot and no amount of filtering or app-editing will save a photo that’s poorly lit. Always prefer to shoot during early morning or late afternoon to get the softer light. Dim light can make your pic look more grainy. So, always look for better light and play around it.

4) Take a lot of pictures

It’s hard to get the perfect shot in one go. So take multiple shots. Take advantage of burst mode. At least click 5 photos every time, so that you can upload the best one on Instagram.

5) Look out for geometric patterns

Try to align the subject to show symmetry, or line them up diagonally to create balance in the shot. Look out also for geometric shadow patterns created by architectural elements. It will add a little bit of mystery and intrigue viewer’s imagination.

6) Use your camera (DSLR)

Instead of phone camera, use your DSLR to take raw images and then you can transfer them to your phone and process it. There are many photo-editing applications that can enhance your pic and once you are done processing it, you can upload the pic on Instagram.

7) High and different angles

As they say, always use your eyes before you use the lens. First observe whats in front of you and then look for different angles and height to capture it. Lot of things look better when seen from above.

8) Experiment with Creative Props

Experiment different props and objects and observe if they enrich your pic. Let the prop look natural, meaningful and simple. With enough creativity, almost any prop can make an image fun, personal, and interesting.

9) Close shots

Try different lens when taking a close shot and point to focus. Close-up photography brings you in contact with a new world and portrays the subject as life-size or greater-than-life-size. So turn on the macro mode and shoot close.

10) Keep your edits simple

Do not spoil your pic with too many filters. Sometime the pic looks better with just 1 filter and gives a unique look.

Lastly to get more and more likes, we would suggest to use lots of hashtags with proper caption and title. Enter place, so that it becomes more searchable.

Tag us in your Instagram pics using the hashtag #himalayantale and we will share your pic with our followers.

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