Top reasons excuses friends give to kill your goa plan

Top reasons/excuses friends give to kill your goa plan!

Goa is always on top of a bachelor’s list in India. Some go for it’s beaches, low cost drinks and some for the party culture. And it really sucks when your Goa plan gets cancel. While there can be 895 million reasons why your Goa plan got cancel, the most common reasons are certainly your so called “friends”. Here are the top reasons/excuses friends give to kill your Goa plan –

1) dur k cousin bhaiya ki shaadi hai uss time

He doesn’t even know if they exist but suddenly he is adamant to cancel whole trip becuase they are getting married.


2) manager ne leave approve nahi ki

There is always one IT friend who says “I can’t go this time coz manager ne leave approve nahi ki, tum log chale jao” and then everyone drops the plan.


3) month end hai..aur flight tickets bahut mehngi hain

There is always one who is broke and says he doesn’t have money.


4) Gharwale jaane nahi denge

Because there is always a baby in the group who says “Gharwale jaane nahi denge” or “Papa ne mana kar diya“.


5) Goa nahi, Ladakh chalte hain

I think some do this intentionally by saying “Goa nahi, Ladakh chalte hain”, so that the group splits between Goa vs Ladakh and all end up going nowhere.


6) Mai drink nahi karti, Goa ja k kya karungi?

Because we all have one sanskari friend who thinks people go Goa only for cheap drinks and rave parties.


7) WhatsApp group bana k plan karte hain

This idea has certainly killed the most number of travel plans and the group admin is like “agli bar se mein nahi plan karuga”. And the obvious reason is – you can never reach consensus in whatsapp group.


Do share the excuse your friend gave to kill your Goa plan and share this post with them.

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