My weekend map - escaping the city to re-discover myself

My weekend map – escaping the city to re-discover myself!

Ever since I started travelling solo, I learned that travelling is the biggest teacher in the world and somehow it transforms you for the better. I realized that my life is not meant to revolve around the rat-race of metro cities. To break the monotony of my life, I created my weekend map. Since I was working for an MNC and IT professionals hardly get leaves, to make the best of my weekends, this map was “the next big thing” for me. (If I could go back in time, I would have kissed myself the day I created this map 😛  )

I googled and made a list of all places nearby Delhi for which I can get a direct bus from ISBT. This is how it looked like –
My weekend map - escaping the city to re-discover myself

Later I made a better version of it and pasted one on my office desk, to keep myself motivated and inspired.
My weekend map - escaping the city to re-discover myself

Every Thursday night I would book my bus from Redbus, book a hotel from goibibo/airbnb and pack my bag. The next day I would go to office with my rucksack and would leave for ISBT directly from office to use my time in an optimum way. An over night journey saves a lot of time and gives you few extra hours to explore the place. Thus I always had 2 full days to explore the place and then I would catch a Sunday night bus to return back.

It may look like a hectic plan but only when you do it, you realize that this weekend escape actually refills, rejuvenates and recharges you. I have visited some of these places twice and thrice because few trips later I understood that travelling is not just about exploring the places but discovering oneself. I covered all these places in 6 months. Then I created another map called “Before the sunrise” with different set of places, where I would travel to some random places to capture the beauty of sunrises (would write about it in some other post later).

Here are some tips if you are planning to create your own weekend map –

1) Always check with your hotel for early check-ins.
2) Keep TripAdvisor app installed in your phone.
3) Make a travel playlist.
4) Never be scared to try anything new.
5) Keep your phone and power-bank fully charged.
6) Talk to strangers, eat at roadside Dhabas.
7) Create a travel budget and stick to it.
8) If you are a reader, carry a couple of books.
9) Take lots of photos.
10) Don’t plan too much and get out of your comfort zone.

Some experiences motivate you to explore the boundaries of the world. This was one such for me.

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