How to save money while travelling in India

How to save money while travelling in India?

Most people avoid making travel plans because they think it’s too expensive. But what if we tell you that you can save money while travelling in India and cut down your expenses to half with our tips? Travelling on budget is simple and with these tips, we are sure your 2017 will be year of travelling.

1) Join travel groups and signup newsletters

Join travel agencies Facebook groups and signup for travel newsletters to stay updated with latest offers and discount on the trip you are planning. This will help you save money while travelling in India.

2) Plan early and book your flight tickets as early as possible

Before booking a round-trip flight, look at the cost of two one-way flights. Sometimes it turns out to be cheaper! Travel in the middle of the week. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are often the cheapest days to fly, so you can save hundreds round trip just by hacking your vacation schedule.

3) Cut down your expenses

Stop eating outside and start cooking your own food or eat at local joints instead of expensive restaurants. Use apps like WhatsApp, Skype and Viber to make calls. Check airbnb or goibibo for best budget hotel or homestays.

4) Bargain and ask the locals

Ask the locals what something should cost, and try not to pay over that for anything from transport to food to activities.


How to save money while travelling in India


5) Last-minute deal apps for flights and hotels

If you are unsure about your leaves and can’t plan in advance, use last-minute deal apps for flights and hotels. Buy tickets directly from Airline’s website and avoid paying commissions to third-party. Use incognito mode for searching and booking flight tickets. Check Skyscanner for the best rates.

6) Get the best ATM Card/Credit Card

Get an ATM Card/Credit Card that offers cashback & reward points on every payment and doesn’t charge any transaction fees. You can use your reward points for making payments at hotels or restaurants.

7) Use public transport

Do as the locals do, and catch public transportation wherever possible. Start using ride-sharing apps like Ola Share, Uber pool and Blablacar.

8) Travel in groups and during off-season

This will help you save a lot while you can enjoy the destination of your choice. Travelling in groups will get you more discount and company of your friends will make the trip more merrier. Travelling during off-season brings down the cost of hotels by up to 50%.
Here are some more travel hacks that can make your vacations a lot more easier and convenient.

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