Top 5 travel related TED talks to give you wanderlust

Top 5 TED talks to give you wanderlust

TED Talks are the most inspiring and compelling talks on the internet when it comes to motivating people on anything. TED talks always leaves a spark in the mind of listener and we thought of using them to motivate you to travel. TED is known for inviting the best and brightest to come and “give the greatest talk of their lives” in 18 minutes. We are sure that these 5 travel related TED talks will give you wanderlust.


1) Where is home? by Pico Iyer

More and more people worldwide are living in countries not considered their own. Writer Pico Iyer — who himself has three or four “origins” — meditates on the meaning of home, the joy of traveling and the serenity of standing still.


2) Why bother leaving the house? by Ben Saunders

Explorer Ben Saunders wants you to go outside! Not because it’s always pleasant and happy, but because that’s where the meat of life is, “the juice that we can suck out of our hours and days.” Saunders’ next outdoor excursion? To try to be the first in the world to walk from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and back again.


3) A glimpse of life on the road by Kitra Cahana

As a young girl, photojournalist and TED Fellow Kitra Cahana dreamed about running away from home to live freely on the road. Now as an adult and self-proclaimed vagabond, she follows modern nomads into their homes — boxcars, bus stops, parking lots, rest stop bathrooms — giving a glimpse into a culture on the margins.

4) Learn to Travel: Travel to Learn by Robin Esrock at TEDxVancouver

Robin Esrock’s success as a global adventurer, travel writer, TV producer and international TV personality was no accident, although it did start with one. Struck down on his bike at a Vancouver intersection, Robin hobbled away with a broken kneecap, and one year later, a modest $20000 insurance settlement. It was just enough for him pack up his things, quit his job, and set off on a one-year solo round-the-world backpacking adventure to 24 countries.


5) How and why travel transforms you by Francis Tapon at TEDxFillmore

Francis Tapon is a travel author Francis Tapon shares some of his traveling adventures, which include walking across America four times and spending three years visiting all 25 Eastern European countries. He discusses how travel can be a catalyst for transforming your life, giving you insights that are hard or impossible to achieve through other means. He also shares a personal story about his father, who motivated him to keep pursuing his dream of visiting every country in the world.

If these TED talks haven’t motivated you to travel, then read the health benefits of traveling here. Hope this would motivate you to pack your travel bags.

Credit: TED: Ideas worth spreading 

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