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Top travel hacks to travel like a pro!

Traveling is an interesting yet unique concept to everyone: Might be an escape for you and a passion for me. But the travel hacks are same for all of us. Traveling involves lots of steps from planning to execution, give these travel hacks a chance to make your vacations a lot more easier and convenient.

1) When it comes to bookings of flights and hotels (to be done online), travel websites often raise the prices keeping a track of your visits. Follow these travel hacks to escape that extra burn in your pocket:

  • Clear your search history and cookies every time you visit the site
  • Enable private browsing and then start searching

Travel hacks clear cookies


2) Packing is another mandatory task (though irritating for almost 70% of travelers) and cant be avoided. So, Its better getting it simpler and easier.

  • Roll your clothes instead of folding them to save space
  • Put the heaviest items at bottom and then stack the stuff up.
  • Use belts to keep the collars of the shirts stiff and crisp.
  • Keep chargers and earphones safe inside a spectacles case
  • Keep a separate pouch for toiletries and try keeping samples and travel editions of products (they are smaller in size and hence easy to carry along). Even when you come back, keep the pouch aside for next vacation so that you don’t forget anything the next time

Travel hacks packing


3) In case you missed out on something, make up for it by using these travel hacks.

  • Use the USB port in TV for charging if you have forgotten your charger
  • Try getting in touch with local residents to get an idea about where to buy things from. Otherwise, the business makers on tourist destinations generally overcharge and deceive the outsiders.

Travel hacks charging phone


4) Act intelligent and save yourself from spoilers

  • Use plastic wraps/cello tapes on the bottles to avoid any spilling inside your luggage
  • The contact lens case serves the best for storing creams and last minute make-up touch ups
  • Use buttons to keep your pair of earrings sorted

Travel hacks intelligent


5) Some Miscellaneous tips which work wonders as travel hacks

  • When at a new place and want to know and explore more about it, use Travel apps
  • You can use Google Maps offline by typing “OK Maps” and the visible area will be saved for future access.
  • Documents play a key role when you step at a new place. You might be having them with you but mail yourself a scanned copy of all your documents, to stay on a safer side.

Travel hacks scan documents

Know about some other cool travel hacks? let us know by commenting below.

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