Traveling cashless in India

Top Tips For Traveling Cashless in India

Excited about your travel plans this season but the Demonetization storm giving you hiccups ?
Dude, no need to make your winter plans sweat out because we got you covered. Use these tips for traveling cashless in India with confidence.

1. Prefer buying a complete package beforehand instead of booking just the hotels or transport.While booking, ensure that you include breakfast and dinner also in the package.

top tips for traveling cashless in India

2.If you are booking  hotels on your own, instead of buying from huge travel portals like goibibo, makemytrip etc get the mail id of the hotel from the hotel website and send mails to the hotels asking for special rates including the meals you want to take or any other customization you want.The benefit is you can send them your customized requirements and it’s highly likely that you will get better rates as there is no third-party between you and the hotel.

top tips for traveling cashless in India

3. Use Cards/E-Wallet Payments wherever possible. Some of the widely used E-Wallets are paytm, freecharge, mobikwik. Out of these, PAYTM is the most commonly used tips for traveling cashless in India

4. Find taxi apps like Uber, Ola and Meru which provide services in your travel destinations and download them.

top tips for traveling cashless in India

5. Most of the grocery stores and pharmacy stores accept Card/E-Wallet Payments. Stuff your backpacks with packaged food like instant noodles, cheese spread, bread, biscuits, protein bars etc and essential medicines.

top tips for traveling cashless in India

However, it’s always good to keep some cash with you and get cash whenever possible. Here are a few tips to find ATMs:
1.Chances of finding cash in an ATM in small town or villages are more. After all, less people competing for cash implies better likelihood of getting cash.

2.Follow the hashtag #ATMswithCash and try downloading Walnut App. It shows all the ATMs that have cash.

3.Use the “1 Minute Rule”.On an average it takes approx. 1 min to withdraw cash from ATM. So, when you see a long queue outside the ATM, the number of people is the least number of minutes you will have to stand in the queue. Plan accordingly whether it works for you, standing in the queue or not.

top tips for traveling cashless in India


Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.” This is a golden tip for desperate times.
Look for Temples, Gurudwaras. Any such place would be fine for the night and you can also get free food there at Langars or Community Kitchen.

top tips for traveling cashless in India

Now, you are all loaded to travel cashless soldier! Pick up your bags and do let us know how your cashless travelling experience was?

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