Finding a reason to visit Munsiyari? We bring you many!

The unexplored mania of spectacular and extended Himalayan ranges, the immense span of rich and diverse adventurous treks and the spice of an interesting and memorable vacations: Get hypnotized in the magnetic valleys of Munsiyari! The destination is wedged between the borders of Nepal, Tibet and India.

There is much more to do than what you can imagine, there’s plenty to fall in love and enjoying the romance with the hills, there’s something amazing about it which makes you addicted to it.

Excited to read what’s on the list? Go slow and smooth over it, enjoying the every crazy bit.


Panchachuli is one of the must see attractions of Munsiyari which is a collection of 5 collective snow laden beautiful peaks. The stunning view which comes to your mind when you close your eyes to think about something captivating.



Birthi Falls is situated around 35kms from Munsiyari on Munsiyari-Madkot road. The waterfall is huge and pristine and picturesque. The sound of water rushing through its own fierce layers is the soothing realization and one can spend some quality hours here.


Betulidhar is located around 24 kms from Munsiyari and is a beautiful garden surrounded by Rhododendron flowers. The scarlet red hue of the flowers mixed with the amazing aroma of the mesmerizing weather and spellbinding views makes it a perfect location. December to February are the skiing months here.



Darkot and Madkot village are the suitable places for those who want to explore more and live the place. Where both the places are very close to nature and display the sheer love for art and beauty, Madkot is famous for housing thermal springs which have healing powers and Darkot is known for its rich culture.



Balanti Potato farm is located nearby Munsiyari but is a 2km trek through thick woods and hence is an amazing experience. The views of Himalayan range are worth taking this route. The farm comprises of potatoes, apples, oak and rhododendron trees which add the extra spice to this journey.

As the place is famous for trekking routes, go through some of these one day treks to have the taste:

  • Khalia Top trek
  • Nanda devi temple peak
  • Thamri kund trek
  • Maheshwari kund trek
  • Madkot hot water spring trek
  • Kalika pass trek

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