snowfall at munsiyari

The road less traveled – Munsiyari

Everytime a vacation thought crosses our mind, the biggest dilemma comes across.. which place to chose? And after a hell lot of calculations which includes the optimum duration of the stay, the economical budget, the perfect weather conditions, the safety factors and the total time of the journey, we finally are left with a handful of the places. This does not end here, amongst those places also, some have already been visited!

Its high time to explore more, to take the road less traveled by. Munsiyari is such a place!

Munsiyari beautiful view

Credits: Trodly

State and nearby place: Uttarakhand, Pithoragarh Distt

The literal meaning of Munsiari is a ‘Place with snow’. And the place does not wrong its name. The stunning and spectacular views of Himalayan range can be viewed from here. Munsiyari is famous for its highly adventurous trekking trails and bounty of natural beauty.

So what details do you need for planning a trip to Munsiyari? Its all ready, folks!

Distance from New Delhi : 560 kms

Ideal duration of stay: 2 days

Best time to visit: March to May and October-November

Munsiyari mountain view


Weather in Munsiyari: March-June is summer season, favorable for people who cannot withstand the winters.  Then June-September is the monsoon season which is not best advised to visit the place as landslides and heavy rain falls can pose a safety threat. November-mid march is the winter season when snow lovers can totally enjoy their stay here.

Where to stay: Munsiyari is a place less visited and less explored. And hence, the hotels reach their optimum capacity in peak season. Its advisable to book the accommodation before hand and not to expect something laden with amenities. Most of them are budget hotels.

Munsiyari gauri river

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Activities: Trekking (the one which can give you jitters), Shopping (every place has something special, lets find out what’s in the store), Bird watching (Diverse flora and fauna is a home to beautiful and rare species of birds), Village walk (Come close to nature to fall in love with it)

No, this is not it! Munsiyari is a place to experience and to create your own story. I cant define yours.. so get ready with your bags to explore this arena.



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